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Ok so far I dont have the pics to show GRRRRRRR! I have them on flickr (hopefully this linkie works) For some reason I cant get the media uploader to work and when trying to upload using the flickr URL the pic didnt show. Oh Well, will try to get them uploaded tomorrow.

The Pics I was trying upload included a Purple/Burgundy Iris, one of KooKoo ontop of the LR door and one of Brian yesterday after he got home snuggled up with Bligh. I have some blog work to do tomorrow, need to change my webring info and a few other things, so will have a longer and hopefully pic filled post!

See ya tomorrow!


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Sock Updates

Getting Closer Both BBS are 5 inches past the heel turn, YIPEEE!!  That means only 4.5 inches to go and I can do the toe decreases and kitchener them shut!!! I cant wait to send them off to Kim, I know I’ve said this before but hopefully this time *crosses fingers* I will be able to get them finished this week 🙂

Almost dont with these too!! Lookie!! The second sock of this pair is past the heel turn too! These are for my nephew Jacob, these are also late Christmas Presents. I’m sorry Jacob, they are coming, hopefully in the next week or so for these too, after the Soldier Socks are done anyways 🙂 I am loving the J.Knits yarn, its a tad irritating to knit with but when washed it softens up so nice that the irritation is well worth it! The Sannybug Jaywalkers will prob be frogged, unless I can find the pattern. Since Magknits was shut down and I’m not sure if Grumperina has republished it or not so if its lost I’ll have to find another pattern to use for them its to bad too the pattern is really easy and fun, but…..

Theres a frost advisory again tonight and since its supposed to get into the mid 30s I went out and covered all of my Iris buds, theres a bunch of them! I didnt cover the flowers unless they had a bud on the stem with them as I didnt have enough plastic of either the WM bag kind or the Visquene(sp?)Plastic kind, sorry if its spelled wrong. I hope to have some new flower pics in the next few days, am expecting SEVERAL Blue colored ones, a Burgundy, hopefully a Pink or two and am not sure what the other color is unless the one Burgundy bud is the 3rd color planted last yr. LOL! There should also be a Yellow/White bloom too from a transplant last yr.

Well its late, and Brian just got home for supper, hes stuck at the Funeral Home again (another Story) so am gonna cut this post off here and eat my supper while visiting with Brian. Have a Nice Evening and I will see ya tomorrow!

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Garden Pics and other items

First off we planted some new Creeping Phlox, Peonys and 3 little Pine trees yesterday and I promised pics so here they are.

Pine Tree (1 of 3…only one photoed)  yes its abit dry and spindly but unfortunately we werent able to replant it when he brought it/them home. Hopefully they all survive. This one didnt however survive the multiple freezes last yr…This pine (in the back of the truck) was planted by Brian’s Dad David back in the Mid 70s when his Grandma first moved into the house we live in. Last April it was greening up despite the freeze earlier in the season that killed some of the branches and we got slammed by another ice storm and freeze that killed it off. Cutting it was inevitable bit we didnt want to until we had a replacement.

The old Iris bed is blooming right along  there are alot of fresh bloom, dying off blooms and new buds getting ready to bloom in there! It is really prettier than this pic shows. Hows this for fast blooming yesterday  this is what the first Iris bud in the new bed looked like…and  this is what it looked like this morning when I went out to check on my flowers.

And finally the new Phlox plants placed along the retaining wall… Not sure if this is Phlox or not but the flowers are Phlox like so are trying it and it is pretty.  This is regular Blue Phlox. New Pink Phlox and a new color we hadnt seen before…It looks white in the pic but it is actually a pink and white varigated one… I cant wait for these guys to grow out and into the older ones along the wall that I have shown several times. Thats all for today, I need to go get a shower and get ready to go out with Brian, Josey, and my folks for a belated Birthday dinner for Brian at Red Lobster tonight. Have a Nice Weekend all and I will see ya Monday!

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I dont know about all of you guys but Spring around here has been Stormy! Yesterday was Stormy off and on all afternoon therefore I didnt bother even trying to log on and post here. We had severe and non severe thunderstorms coming through and just when we thought we were in the clear another one would start up, AARGH! Fortunately no Tornado Warnings occured here and we didnt have to worry about putting four uncooperative cats and ourselves in the tiny shelter type spot we have. Sannybug has decided she doesnt like storms anymore and has taken to hiding from them in the spot under the stairs so I guess it woulda been 3 uncooperative kitties since the 4th was already there LOL!

Yesterday Brian and I met my mom, grandma and uncle at Shoneys in Neosho for lunch and then went grocery+ shopping. We did manage to get some of the groceries we were in need of as well as a few of the nonfood items we went after as well as 4 new Creeping Phlox Plants, some Peony Roots, Gladiolus Corms, and Dahlia Tubers to plant as well. The Irises are really starting to take off and we have about oh 30 or so new buds coming up throughout all the beds (pics taken but not uploaded yet). The Lilacs have dropped ther first blossoms but have lots more coming up so all my flowers are doing well despite all the wet weather. I will be planting the Glads after the weather clears a bit so that they dont drown like they did last year (out of 40 planted only 3 survived the April freeze and subsequent rains) they will most likely be planted where the corms will be protected by the Iris plants and not end up getting drenched.

In knitting news I have gotten one of the Soldier Socks about halfway down the foot and am working on the other one to get it caught up and hope to have them finished this weekend!!!! Thats all goin on knitting wise, I will be working on my other WIPs and Unstarted next ups (3pr Fuzzy Feet form Knitty) as soon as they are finished. I will be posting project pics of the BBS as soon as they are both the same length again, hopefully outside along with the Nutkins.

Thats all for today. Have Nice Day Everybody!!

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Its April and I finished my 4th WIP, well 5 but I dont count the Snowdrop Shawl as an FO because I just bound it off instead of actually finishing it. The Nutkins were finished this am and Photoed.Peppermint Mocha Nutkins I tried to get some outside pics but was unable to get to my flowers due to some UFOs (Unfriendly Flying Objects) AKA Red Wasps and Bumblebees, which I am deathly allergic to, guarding the flowers from all directions. So that will have to wait until Brian can atleast get rid of the wasps.The Bumblebees I can deal with as they serve a useful purpose in a flower garden, but red wasps I dont think so! Feel free to argue if you wish, but dont ask me to go anywhere near em even for pics!

Speaking of flower pics…Dogwood Heres the Dogwood flowers, and some LilacsLilac Blossom Sorry no Irises today, I have a bunch of new blooms (the old bed is full) and my New plants from last yr are starting to bud out but due to the UFOs mentioned above I cant get close enough to them to get a good Pic. If the spraying Brian did today works I will try to get some pictures tomorrow of the new blooms and buds.

Well seeins how it’s getting a bit stormy around here I’m gonna cut this post short and will be back tomorrow hopefully with some Nutkins on Flowers  and regular Iris Pics.

Have A Nice Day!

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I finally got an order from the Knit-n-Stitch from someone other than my MOM!!!! Thank You Carol from the UK! I will be starting on the May updates in the next week or so and hope to have them up and online during the first week of the month. Depending on if the orders pick up and how hits on the site are going I may start doing Quarterly Contests in the 3rd Quarter, I dont know yet so please dont anybody hold your breath 🙂

Ive gotten quite abit done on the second Nutkin and hope to have a finished pair to photo and wear tomorrow, am working on the 3rd of 6 repeates on the foot now so should have it done tonite during Enterprise! Then I will be free to finish up the BBS.

My mom and I made it to Knit WIcks this weekend, and I did purchase a bit of stuff, ok 100.00 worth of stuff, but I got some really nice yarn, a Nancy Bush book, some DPNs in a size i need for Fuzzy Feet from Knitty and a pattern designed specifically for the JoJoland Melody Sock Yarn I got the first time there. I also showed her the yarn from Knitivity and she LOVED it so Ray if you’re reading this, I sure hope that helps make this week better than last!

My flowers are really starting to take off! The old Iris bed is fuller of blooms that it has been in years. The 2 new beds from last yr are blooming and sending out buds and my Lilac Bushes are absolutely FULL! Sorry no pics today, its to cloudy for them to come out good but as soon as the sun comes back out I will get lots of pics. I did get some pics at my mom’s Sat, but will post those when I get the new ones of my flower beds. I did get a bit of work done on the new small bed, I got part of the irises transplanted (of course these wont bloom this yr, but wait till next yr rolls around!) and had to stop. I am very allergic to both bees and wasps and of course about the time I got goin really good they started buzzing about so my gardening got cut short today, but thats ok, cuz if Brian gets the mowing done at the FH today, he’ll be able to stay home tomorrow and then I can work outside to mey hearts content.

What happened to “Monday is for Cleaning”, well, I’ve been keeping up with the housework pretty well so about the only thing I have to do on Mondays now is picking up after the boys and laundry. I also need to update my Resolutions page, guess I better do that today 🙂 Ok Ramble time is over, tomorrow I should have an FO to post and hopefully it will be sunny enough for pictures so my post tomorrow should be full of pics for you guys to enjoy!

Have a Nice Day Everybody…I’ll be seeing ya tomorrow!

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Yeah, I guess you could call it a road trip as we will be driving to my Mom and Dads which is about 25 miles from here and out in the middle of no where 🙂 Yesterday Brian and I went to Cassville WM to get the stuff to make Enchiladas and a few other items we are needing to keep the house clean and such. Part of the reason for the trip was to get the CHicken to roast and have not only Beef but also Chicken Enchiladas, welll….we wont be having Chicken after all it got left out overnight, GRRRRRRRRR! That makes me a tad mad, not Pissed or anything but still it does upset me.

Sleeping last night despite being exhausted was a trip and not a good one. Some idiot decide to call the Funeral Home number about once every one to 2 hrs, so Brian and I werent able to sleep straight through. Add to that the 11 yr old cat, who will start “Buggin” (pawing at stuff and makin lots of noise) whenever the FH phone rings at night, or whenever she thinks she needs fed or attention and I was up and down almost as much last nite as Brian. Its bad enough we get stupid calls like that during the day, or the sales calls, or the computerized call when you say hello. But come on folks dont call at night unless its in response to an actual Death!

On the Knitting front, I have almost finished the second sock gusset on the BBS and have received my order from Knit Picks for the new circular needles I ordered and the Grass Colored Risata yarn, so now I have enough yarn to make 2 pair of JGS (Jolly Green Socks) and dont have to ask Kim to send me more yarn when I send the BBS to her hopefully sometime imn the next week! AM gonna send the unused yarn back to her also because I feel so bad for being so slow that I dont feel right using it when someone who is faster than me would be able to turn them into socks much faster than I can even think about doing. I will send her a personal note explaining this and am gonna contibute some money to the cause too. I also have the yarn for a second pair of BBS that I purchased but it may be repurposed to make dress socks for Brian as his are just about shot!

The second Nutkin is also growing right along since I am making them shorties/anklet length. I do 3 repeats of the pattern on the cuff and 6 for the foot which seems to fit me perfectly. This pattern seems to bias pretty badly do to the round about nature of the pattern. A few people in the KAL Group doin this sock have modified the pattern by adding 2 Purl stitches and mirroring the pattern repeat on each side of the sock. The mods look really good and the lady who wrote up the chart for it says they fit really well, so I think when I make the pair for my niece I’ll use the modified version for her.

Thats all froo today, am gonna take my camera, with fresh batteries, to my moms and get some pics of her Baby Cardi and of any pretty flowers/trees I happen to run across. We are goin to Knit Wicks today to browse and maybe even buy and to visit with the ladies there.

See ya either tomorrow or Monday!

Have A Nice Weekend!     

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