We have finally almost finished moving in!!!

I’m not gonna create a long post today but suffice to say, this seemingly simple move has been exhausting and has taken alot longer time than I anticipated!

We have officially got a new Phone, E-mail and Snail-Mail address and I will update here accordingly as soon as I become a bit less forgetful and more rested LOL 🙂

Brian is enjoying his new job and is considerably less stressed and less likely to lose his temper these days. The cats are all doing well and are enjoying THEIR new house. And so far there has been very few problems intergrating our house in to my mom and dad’s, only real trouble has been making room for our kitchen stuff in their kitchen but with a bit of work we have finally gotten almost everything in cabinets and wherever else it fits.

Finally… I will do my best to blog more frequently and get back to the purpose of this blog, updates on my kntting and of course my sweet little furbabies (and my mom’s if they will allow the pics to be taken LOL).


Brian Got A Job!!!

Yep thats right, WOOOHOOO!! *said as I jump for Joy!*

The move is coming along we have finished the drywall on the second floor of my mom’s house and have started moving some stuff down there including my main stash other than the 2pr of socks I’m working on.

I would like to say Thank You to everybody who has ordered from Ray at Knitivity Yarns to help him recover from Hurricane Ike. If you have been keeping up with his blog you know he is able to get back online at the Library and that his brother Scott is taking care of printing off and sending the orders we are all sending him. Hopefully he will be able to start processing them soon and will be officially back in business.

The Knit-n-Stitch is also being moved (since its online that part will be easy) and I am in the process of getting a new e-mail, phone and snail mail contact info processed. We may or maynot have to go to temop contact info depending on how fast we can get our permanent stuff taken care of. However the plan is to keep it open unless there are problems then we will close temporarily and will post it here as well as on the home page to let everybody know. The redesign is coming along and as soon as we can get everything set back up it will be implemented 🙂

I’d also like to thank everybody for the well wishes and good luck vibes sent our way while Brian was Job Hunting!! You guys are great! Sorry I havent posted more in recent weeks but moving has that effect and as soon as we get all that taken care of I promise to blog more frequently and have more knitting, kitties and flower pics 🙂

See ya all in the next day or so!

Ive gotten past the heel turn on both pair of socks for Sockdown Sep 08 Challenges and am seriously comptemplating casting on the Mystery SSock as well. Only problem there…I’m out of orange yarn and my favorite dyer is temporarily closed due to Hurricane Ike 😦

Ike like everybody knows hit the east coast of TX this past weekend and tore up Galveston and most of Houston as well as numerous other towns and communities. We are all praying they are getting the relief they need from the State and Feds and that everybody finds their house intact, yes, but mostly just plain repairable and that they dont have to stay relocated for to long. Speaking of Houston, Ray from Knitivity is fine and back home!!! However like most everybody else he has no electricity and is hurting for business. Hopefully he is able to get to a working comp soon because I am sure he is gonna find several orders for not only yarn but also donations for his charity hats. I plan to order some yarn from him here pretty soon as a gift and also I want to get his “Suprise Me” sock yarn as soon as he is able to dye again. Please help him out, Knitivity was born from the wreckacge of Hurricane Katrine…PLEASE  dont let his dream die because of Hurricane Ike.

Housing update: My dad and Brian got the doors up in my mom’s house and my mom and I got the 2nd floor mostly cleaned and ready to be finished!!! We will be doing the drywall in the main room this week and hopefully starting to paint this weekend. TS Ike however may put the painting on hold as my folks have a couple of trees down from him coming through one of which is perilously close to their house, thankfully it fell the otherway! So my dad and Brian may be cutting it out this weekend.

Thats all for now I’ll try to get some pics in the next couple of days of the sock progress and some of the house progress (if I remember to of the house,,,OOPS)

Hope everybody is fine and not many of you have to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Busy Busy This week

We have been busy working at my mom’s house this weeke getting stuff done so that Brian and I can move down there hopefully by the end of the month. I havent gotten any pics and have made very little knitting progress ofther than the heel is done on my Monkey sock and the first 10m rows on the back of the Cardi. Spring Forward is ready for me to start the heel flap so will prob do that today while waiting on my MIL to get home from the store then we will head out again today.

We have managed to lean out the shop and have gotten the stuff from the main upstairs room moved into there and the guys have just got the doors and sills replaced in the mudroom. After they finish that we need to figure out where to put the foundry stuff so we can move my moms comp  and craft stuff down to the new comp/craft area.

Thats all I have, and all that has been goin on so far this week.

See ya Soon 🙂

Interview Away My dearie!!


YAHHHOOOO!!!! Is interviewing this am at 11 for a mail room position at JB Hunt in Springdale AR 🙂 Can you tell I’m very happy!!! Oh remember the when it rains post? Well we got another body yesterday at the Funeral Home so his mom is having to actually WORK part of a funeral (the hard part…not the actual funeral which will be Sat). The good thing about the mail room is it is a stepping off point within the company, most everybody works there for a yr and goes up from there! Wish Brian all sorts of luck 🙂

In Sock News…Spring Forward and Monkey are progressing quickly. SPrinforward is ready for the heel to be started and Monkey is half a repeat away. I’m gonna try to get Monkey to the gusset today and start on the Spring forward heel either tonight or tomorrow. Then will work some more on Mama’s Cardi and UA’s sweater. I havent decided who these socks will be going to or if they will go into my dresser drawer instead, am loving the colors so much that will prob be hard to give em up, HEHE!

Well Brian has returned and didnt get the job, they had already hired someone for the spot before they interviewed him, GRRRRR. The guy told him that there would be a couple more spots opening in the next couple of weeks and to keep calling. His Mom is gonna be happy that he wont be leaving after this service.

We are gonna start working on my Mom’s house Sunday and all week next week so that it will be ready for us to move down there as soon as he gets a job (prob sooner if I can talk him into it). He needs to just leave the Funeral Home and search for a job full time so that his stress level can start coming back down, everytime theres a death call his level goes right back up (mostly cuz his mom drives him nuts). I dont know if I can convince him of that need but I may be able to get some friends of ours (Bobbi and Curt…esp Curt) and the friend of his that helps him Jason tto convince him of it. Jason started working on him yetserday without my asking him.

Thats all for today…I know I promised pics Wed but I dont have them ready to go so will post them next time I post. Also…I will try to post what alls goin on at my Mom’s house this next week (maybe even with pics) in the evenings when I get home. And any orders for the Knit-n-Stitch next week will be delayed I’ll make one order to distributor and one mail run please bear wih us while we get ready to move, move, and get set back up again 🙂

And Summer of Socks 08 has ended, bummer LOL!

Sep 1 2008 at 12:01AM was the offical kick off time for this years Sockdown challenges and looking at the Sep Sockdown thread on Ravelry ( main page you’ll have to sign in or request an invite) There were several members that waited up just long enough to catch the first Mystery sock clue and to cast on for their socks 🙂

September’s Challenges include: any Cookie A. Pattern in any color yarn (you should see the number of Monkeys being done), any sock pattern in Orange yarn (from a very light orange to terra cotta etc) and/or the Mystery Sock in Orange Yarn. Sounds easy enough….Yeah….who knew there would be so many variations of orange yarn 🙂 Debi (Fluffyknitterdeb on Ravelry) Susan (Justkeepknitting) and Baseballknitter (sorry dont remember her name) have been up to their eyeballs in orange yarn pic. You see there was a qualification on the orange yarn….the yarn has to be atleast 75% orange, LOL! Basically they want us to step outside our color comfort zone and they want anybody to be able to look at the socks produced and say “thats an orange sock”. Varigated yarns are allowed as long as they meet the 75% rule of thunb.

I have cast on for 2 of the challenges this month; Cookie A.’s Monkey (yes another pair) in CTH Sugar Maple (not 75%) and Spring Forward in Knitivity Uptowne Road (discontinued) California Spring (75% or more). I am loving both of the yarns, and am enjoying myself immensly with them. Heres some cast on pics…

 Monkey Ribbing 🙂

 And the start of Spring Forward, as you can see I got it started late last nite and ended up stopping after the curent row being worked was done after I caught myself knitting in my sleep again 🙂

Thats all for now, I’ll post pics of Mama’s Cardi and Uncle Atchie’s Sweater swatch either tomorrow or Thursday when I get them out to work on (have to take pics of them first…OOPS 🙂 Am gonna wait a day or 2 so I can catch up on my sleep (Brian having funerals to work and being gone doesnt do any good for me and sleep) and not wake myself up knitting in my sleep on one of the sweaters. 

See ya tomorrow and enjoy the SUnshine Kitty pic below:

 Isnt Charlie such a purrrty girl 🙂

When It Rains…

Boy does it poor!!!!

Yesterday eve we got a death call, and I bet you can guess where this is headed… Yep, 2 more in the last 3 hrs GRRRRR. Yes its a good thing but; Brian is trying to job hunt and cant when there are funerals pending. 2 of them are cremations so that helps but the third one is a full Funeral so that kinda screws up the entire weekend ARGHHHHHHHH!

Am gonna go back to my regularily scheduled Ravelry browsing will finish this post later.

And I never made it back, oops :-0 Sorry bout that

Well the above mentioned funeral is on Tuesday so job hunting is out till atleast Wednesday depending on how tired he is.

I’ve gotten about halfway down the flap of the DSS Soldier Sock I’ve been working on as well as swatching a possible contender for the orange socks for SKASEP08 Challenge. It seems like it will be 75% Orange and if the Moderators over there agree Its gonna become Spring Forward starting Monday 🙂 I will also be doing a Cookie A sock for September in Cherry Tree Hill Sugar Maple  which is only 33% Orange but is really pretty in its own right. I’ve been waiting  to use those 2 skeins for a while now and fully plan to in the next month. It is a good thing that each challenge is 2 mo long because along with working on my SKA Challenges I am also gonna be working on Christmas Presents 2 of which are sweaters YIKES 🙂 I have my work cut out for me, guess I better start knitting and not Raveling as much LOL!

See ya’ll either Mon or Tue and Have a Nice Holiday Weekend!

Winding, Winding, Winding

This post was originally written on the 13th of Aug and saved instead of published LOL 🙂


I finally got my sock yarns wound and ready to go, now all I need to do is finish up some WIPS and I am free to knit whatever I would like to 🙂 First thing tho I have to start my grandmas Cables and Lace Cardigan so it will be the very first thing I cast on once Ravelympics is over. I also have a skein of HandMaiden Casbah sock yarn in Loopified (TLE Second Anniversary Kit) that will be made into luxurious (has cashmere in it yummm) socks also for my grandma. She requested the Cardi, chose the pattern, and yarn color and knows she will be getting it sometime after or around Thanksgiving but the socks will be  total surprise for her 🙂

So far my quest to make all sorts of socks for SOS/Christmas presents isnt panning out like I had planned but there is still plenty of time I will just have to be a bit more dilligent in getting them cast on and finished quickly LOL.  Then of course theres the sweater I need to make for Uncle Atchie and the Stole for Tasha. Hers doesnt have to be done till next April in time for her Senior Prom but his will need to be started soon as well so he can wear it this winter. 2 sweater type objects in time for winter….might be a bit interesting around here pretty soon 🙂

You would think by now I would know not to leave yarn on a swift unattended for even a second…

 I turned around to get a drink and this is what I found when I looked back. He had taken the yarn off the ballwinder and was playing with it, guess he likes the smell 🙂 I expected smething like this from Charlie, but Bligh usually doesnt mess with yarn except of course when its bein wound. What a SIlly Boy he is 🙂

Well I guess its time I started working on my WIP’s again… I sure hope I get the Soldier Socks done pretty soon, about 3in to go on number 1 then can do the heel and gusset then can do the other one to the same point and switch back to the larger needles and all stockinette…NO MORE RIBBING on that pair!! How are you doing on your Ravelympics 2008 Knitting/Crocheting? Let me know I love to hear about other peoples projects!

Yep…I’m back

I was excused from the Jury due to my disability and the fact that the trial was a Civil one that was expected to last from Tue through at the least Friday and possibly into next week. We cant afford to take me to and from Pineville that many days nor can Brian afford to be away from the phone while job hunting that long. He has been calling and checking up on his applications and applying online for days now, he has received one call back so far and it led into nothing due to a bad check charge that his EX-Wife caused (hence part of the reason shes an ex). He has 2 places he is particularly looking at and several other options in the wings. If none of those pan out and since the truck is paid off he will take any job (pretty much anyways) that presents itself and go from there. Hopefully it wont come to that 🙂

I got another inch done on my  Soldier Sock yesterday while waiting to be called into the Court room as well as 4 rows so far on Mama’s Cardi, sorry no pics yet as it isnt far enough along to show the pattern. I understand now why everybody loves Dream in Color yarns…the Classy is yummmy soft and squishy and I’ve heard the Smooshy is even more so. I am definitely looking forward to working further on the cardi and starting some socks in the Smooshy ASAP!

Thats all for now, back to stalking TKE for Wollmeise and Ravelry browsing…oh yeah and knitting of course 🙂

Brian found this new free game site called Travian and once he got set up had me babysit his game off and on and then decided it would be fun for me to join him in the game… SO Now I have a Non-Knitting, non-Knit-n-Stitch, non-Ravelry computer thingy to play with, SHEESH… 🙂 This game from the way he plays is definitely a time suck of epic proportions!

 And We have an FO!! I finished weaving in the ends yesterday, got them washed, blocked and into a baggie to save for Christmas Gift Giving! They are really comfy but are on the small side for me so will gift them to a smaller footed person. I started the gauge swatch for Uncle Atchie’s Sweater, am using the Lion Brand Wool Ease form his boot socks last yr and the Brick Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman. The pattern seems to be intuitive but obly time will tell LOL! I may however have to go up a needle size or 2 for gauge esp since the yarn I’m using is worsted and the pattern calls for DK, pic of swatch to come when its far enough along for one. I am also, as soon as I get done here (and with the dishes too…YUCK) gonna cast on for Mama’s Cardi hopefully since the stitch pattern is easy to do I will be far enough along to post pics of it Monday Tuesday.

Speaking of Monday…I will be away from the blog for that day and hopefully only that day (crosses fingers) for Jury Duty. Will take some knitting with me (I think I can find some bamboo needles somewhere around here) so I can keep busy and not be bored while waiting. Unlike my hubby I doubt very seriously I’ll have someone there to chat with that i know (he had my sister lucky devil).

Thats all for today, will be back Tuesday (or maybe Sunday if I have pics to post) So see ya’ll then!