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Yep its a short post today!

I have Josey’s first sock past the heel so all I have left is the 4 inches for the cuff and the second sock to go! Since this is the second time I’ve done this pattern it is goin really fast, pictures will be posted tomorrow,.

Theres a MeMe goin around some of the blogs I read, I havent been tagged but at least 2 I read on a daily basis have left it open to any that wanna answer it 🙂 So here goes nothing…

1.) What was I doin 10 years ago?  I finished up LPN school and was working Night Shift at a Nursing home in Joplin. I was also still in the Army Reserve at that time in a medical unit. I was married to a man who I should never had married but thats my mistake.

2.) 5 non-work things to do today.   Hmmmm, Well, since I dont work I guess pretty much anything I do is considered non-work so… Post to Blog, Knit on Son’s socks, Answer e-mails, Browse Ravelry, and finish loundry.

3.) Snacks I enjoy… Pop Tarts, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies, Pop Corn

4.) Things I would do if I were a millionaire… PAY OFF BILLS!!! Build our dream home on 20 acres by my family, Make sure noone in my and Brian’s family never wanted for anything, Set some aside for Josey, Brianne, and Brad’s College educations (just dont tell bri and Brads mom HEHE) Give to the Church and other things I cant think of yet.

5.)  Places I have Lived… Duluth Minnesota, Bellavista Arkansas, Joplin Missouri, Diamond Missouri, Rocky Comfort Missouri, Deming New Mexico, and last but not least in the middle of nowhere in McDonald County Missouri (there is no name to where I lived)

6.) Jobs I have had… Nurse for Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Retail at Wal-Mart and a Grocery Store, Fast Food at Arbys, Burger King, and Pizza Hut,  6 yrs in the MO National Guard as a Commo Tech, and 7 yrs in the Army Reserve as a LPN.

7.) People I want to know about…. Well, If you have read my blog today then consider yourself tagged!!! Like Wendy at Wendy Knits said…I’m Curious:-) If you dont have a blog you can answer in the comments, If you have a blog leave me a linky and I’ll come check it out!


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 Pattern: Back To Basics by Deb Barnhill from Knitty fall 2007  Made for: Josey Yarn: Knitivity Down Home Socks in Sannybug (custom dyed). The kitty asleep behind them is Charlie, she decided yesterday that sleeping behind the laptop was a good idea! Isnt she so cute!! She did this again today so I think she likes the spot 🙂

I got all my latest pics uploaded to flickr today, updated my project pages and the Sock Knit along group May Knitty pattern thread.  These are the Wldflower Fuzzy Feet Slippers about 3/4 done. I havent worked on them for a few days but will be picking them back up in the next day or so. If they arent done by the 31st I’m not worried. The June KAL is UFOs  or Colorwork socks so these will qualify 🙂 I also added the Adobe colored ones there and will put them here soon. The other KAL I belong to has either a Priscilla Gibson-Roberts sock pattern or a Design Your Own (from scratch…) for June. I am torn here as I realy would like to desgn my own sock but I also would like to try “Priscilla’s Dream Socks” as a possible sock Structure for Brian…I wonder if I design a Basic no frills sock specificall for Brian if that would count??? Something to think about and ask the Moderators about too.

The kitties have been up to their usual spoiled rotten selves. We are currently switching them from Whiskas to Indoor formula Meow Mix as we cant get the 20lb bags of Whiskas anymore (leastwise not where we normally shop) and the indoor formula seems like it will be better for the ornery things anyways. As I write this I have a Green eyed Furkid (Sannybug) staring at me and Purrrrrrowing for attention LOL! Like she thinks I’m gonna get up and feed her or something 🙂 The other 3 are either sleeping (KooKoo) Loafing on the bed (Bligh) or sitting in a window watching the birds (Charlie) oops…Nevermind, KooKoo is over here now Purrowing at me to pet him LOL!

Guess I better go get supper started since Brian just got home from the Funeral Home and both the boys are getting hungry (me too why do you ask?) We are having A Marinated Pork Tenderloin and 3Chz Italian Mac-n-Chz and some veggie, prob Green beans. Will be back tomorrow. Am gonna work on Joseys socks this eve and see if I can get the heel done and the cuff started on the first one tonite.

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And Josey is here for the Summer!!!

This last weekend was pretty busy! Brian and I went shopping Thursday to get groceries and other items to start the summer with. We ended up getting National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets, Our yearly Fishing Licenses as well as lots of othr stuff! I also received my next installment of Knitivity yarns from Rays sale page as did my mom 🙂 We had Brians Mom, Sister and the kids up 2 nights this weekend for food and movies as well as goin to my Sister’s yesterday for BBQ. So we have been busy as you can see and have had plenty of fun while doing it! 🙂

In the news of Knitting, since Josey has decided to keep growing, especially his feet, I have been working on a pair of Jaywalkers for him outa the Sannybug yarn Ray dyed for me. I had him try the one I have partially done and guess what… It Didn’t Fit! When I tried the sock on it was tight on my heel and arch and knowing that he has high arches like mine I figured I better have him try it on before it was any further along.  Go figure, it didnt fit him any better that it did me 😦 So the Jaywalkers are gonna be finished later and most likely will go to either my mom or someone else with small feet in my family…either that or maybe it will fit Mary…Hmmmmm thats an idea she has larger feet than me (she wears an 8 or so and I wear a 7.5) but they are somewhat narrower and I dont think she has as high arches as me.  Back to  the bigfooted 14 yr old… his pair of socks I made him earlier are to small now for him too so I got lots of measurements and started another pair of Back To Basics socks by Deb Barnhill from Knitty.com out of Sannybug and am gonna attempt to lengthen his other pair. I have a WIP pic of the new sock but it and other WIP pics are still in my camera allong with some cute kitties 🙂

I have made progress on the Felted Slippers also from Knitty.com the first pair is 75% done, the second pair is about 25%, and the 3rd pair is 10% give or take. I am trying to get them as well as Joseys socks done before Summer of Socks starts on June 21st so I can have a fresh start and empty needles :-)I prob have about 50 pairs or so worth of yarn but I dont think that many done 🙂 I also have to order and get started on Mama’s Cardi and I need to take a basic sweater pattern and design a Fair Isle band to match Uncle Atchies socks at his request so I imagine between SoS and the Sweaters I am gonna have a Busy Summer and Fall LOL!

Hey! I have been waiting to receive notice of the new sock yarns coming available for me to have on sale at the Knit-n-Stitch, well Guess What?!?! The Paton’s Stretch Sox are available and I have ordered a package of the Olive colored one. I plan to update my site with the new sock yarns as they become available to me the first of which will be the Patons. I will be testing it and will post the results here and at the Knit-n-Stitch for all to see as well as doing the same with the Lion Brand and Red Heart Sock Yarns. I am planning a rather large update to the Knit-n-Stitch this next week I will post here when its done. I am also working with Ray to offer his Yarns in my own colors as kits (he says no to individual skeins) and am trying to teach myself how to design patterns to offer as part of the kits. This plan will be in the works for awhile so dont look for any of the handyed yarns to show up anytime soon. I have Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn also and will be adding it this month and possibly next in limited colors as they become available to me.

I will be taking WIP pics this afternoon and will post them most likely tomorrow. I know I’ve said that a few times this week but this time since the light is actually behaving for once this week… 🙂

Hope you had a very Nice holiday weekend and THANK YOU TO ALL THE CURRENT SERVICE MEMBERS AND VETERANS for the Sacrifices you have made to provide us with the FREEDOMS WE ENJOY TODAY from Myself, Brian and Josey! 

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My disgust at High Gas Prices and the resulting high prices everywhere else.

We went grocery shopping yesterday, spent 4hrs appx at WM (gotta get you moneys worth) and spent alittle over 500 dollars on groceries and non food items we needed. Considering that prices are rising everywhere due to high Crude oil prices this time last yr we prob spent 400 or so and got more food and whatnot. Right now my truck (2002 Dodge Dakota Sport) gets about 16-18 mpg (no we cant afford to get a different vehicle w/better gas mileage) so a 50mile round trip to get groceries cost us about 10 dollars in gas. Not alot I know but it’s enough that we dont go grocery shopping more than once a month and pick up stuff we need at the small corner store inbetween trips or we give MIL some cash and a list if she is goin to the store. She doesnt seem phased by the high gas prices and goes wherever she wants whenever she wants. 

Ok thats enough of a rant 🙂 I have alot more to say on the subject but here isnt the place and now isnt the time.

Yes I pirated the title partially from several blogs I read because it seems to fit the moment.

In knitting news: I did get the second slipper past the heel turn the other day and almost have the gusset done. I didnt knot at all yesterday because I was way to tired after the shopping trip and knew if I even thought about picking up the yarn and needles I’d be asleep before I could get the first row done 🙂 I havent got more than the first 4 rows on the other 2 pair done but will work on them today as soon as I get the gusset done on the first one. Am hoping to get the other 2 through the heel turn and possibly further today and some updated pics taken. I am also gonna upload the updated Sannybug Jaywalkers to Flickr and then to Ravelry. I will also send Ray a pic of them too so he can see how they are looking so far 🙂 I’ll either post updated pics here tonite in a later post or tomorrow depending on how tired I am later. Thats all the news I have for this am will see ya’ll later today or tomorrow!


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Updated Jaywalker Pics

I have the updated pictures.

 The yarn and fabric it is creating keeps changing. Everytime the pattern changes the fabric changes with it 🙂 The first picture is the front.  This picture shows the pooling/striping in the dark areas of the sock. And the 3rd pic shows the pooling/striping on the light side of the sock. The Jaywalker pattern calls for a Traditional Heel flap, with the way the yarn is pooling and striping I wonder what a Short Row heel would do? Could be interesting to find out.

I got the yarn for the slipper socks wound up and the next 2 pairs cast on and the 2nd one of the first pair to the heel flap, not bad for a days work tho now I gotta figure out what to do with 2 extra sets of size 10.5 DPNs when they are done. Not a common size of needle I use so the 2 extra sets will be put aside until I find a use for them. I’ll get pictures as soon as there is something other than 4 rounds on the cuff done, hopefully there will be interesting color changes showing up by then, as of right now I’m not really thrilled with the second 2 colors, hopefully they will become prettier as they get knit up 🙂

Thats all I have done today except put a Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie in the oven.

Well, see ya tomorrow, have a Nice evening all!

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They are another shade of purple!!! Not as dark as the Midnight one and not as light as all the other purples, but still pretty in their own right.

I made some progress on the Sannybug Jaywalkers this weekend; I have made it past the gusset decreases and let me tell ya the Sannybug did some interesting things during the process 🙂 I’ll get more pics as soon as I can but for now I’ve got more knitting to do! tomorrow I’m gonna ball up a couple more skeins of the felting yarn and finish up the 1st pair and start the 2nd pair. Hopefully I’ll have them done soon esp since my housework is pretty much done and I’ll have plenty of time this week to knit!

Brian’s daughter Breanne (sp?) graduated from High School this past weekend, as as a matter of course her mom prevented him from going. No details here but suffice to say this isnt the first time shes done something like this and definitally wont be the last.

Well thats all for today, I’ll see ya tomorrow and will try to have somemore pics of the Jaywalkers to show too.

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I brought the Sannybug Jaywalkers out of hibernation today to work on for a bit. I started the heel flap and as the title says I have 18 rows done and 12 to go before I start the heel turn. Heres a picture of the sock before I started the flap… I still love the way the colors are pooling around the sock cuff almost exactly how Sanny’s colors pool in real life. The flap is different, the colors arent pooling at all, they seem to be striping instead. I’ll have a pic of the completed heel flap tomorrow and hopefully the cup and part of the gusset as well. For the Sock KAL on Ravelry Junes sock is either a pair with colorwork or UFO’s. Since I dont have a colorwork pattern other than the boot sock pattern immediately available I’m gonna work to finish this pair and and how ever many Fuzzy Feet slipper pairs I have left, hopefully tho those will be done and given to their new feet 🙂 This pair of socks (Jaywalkers) are planned for Josey so they need to be finished in the next month or so. Summer of Socks 2008 also starts June 21st so I am trying to finish up what I have started and be ready to start with no sock WIPs OTN. I have my yarns and patterns together with only a few more skeins that need wound, I may end up changing a few skeins and patterns around but I have plenty of time between now and then to make sure I have the correct pattern and yarn together 🙂

 Remember this sweet little bud? Today it looks like this… Isnt it pretty! The color is called Midnight Blue. It has shades of purple and dark blue in it and there are several more buds coming up on the same stalk and in 2 more. I will get and post more pics of this set of Irises as they bloom! 

Brian and I both have a sweet tooth tho he is by far a much bigger chocoholic than me LOL! He wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies and I wanted Chocolate Cake, since we are short on butter I compomised and made Chocolate Chip Choclate Cake 🙂 Its yummy! Tonite after VFW I’m gonna have Brian stop at the store and pick up some Cherry pie filling, more Chocolate Chips, Heavy Cream, Redi Whip and some plain chocolate Ice Cream to make us a Black Forest type dessert to go with supper tonight. I’m gonna chop up a couple of pieces of cake and layer them with the cherry pie filling cover that with the ganache ice cream and decorate with the redi whip, doesnt that sound good? The Cake recipe is on the back of the Hersheys Baking Cocoa box it’s called Perfectly Chocolate Cake, just add choco chips if you wish or not. The Ganache is made by heating the Heavy Cream and melting the Chocolate Chips (either semi sweet or milk will work your choice). and you can imagine the rest. I will take pictures of it when done before we eat.

Since we have VFW tonite I’m gonna get the veggie portion of supper goin before we leave so I will see ya tomorrow. Pictures to come of Sannybug heel, BlackForest style Chopped up Dessert and anything else I can think of to show 🙂 Have a Nice evening and I will see ya tomorrow!

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