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One of those days…

Today has been one of those days where I got very little done. I did manage to finally get ahold of someone at S-O to get the information I need to transfer the registry of my domain name, and filled out the necessary online stuff and paid the fee. As soon as i get the confirmation that the transfer is complete then can sign up fpr my new hosting company YAA HOO! Beyond that I attempted to balance the checkbook, coming up empty there I accepted my moms invitation to go with her to Anderson not only to pick up my son but also to browse in the Fabric shop there Prints and Pieces. The lady who owns it has loads of fabric and everytime i’m in there she has some new cool stuff to look at.

Grrrrr, as for the other part of one of those days….I took my Fleece Artist Sea Wool with me to work on the sock i started last nite and left it in my mom’s car..of course. So that means i have to work on the boy’s sock while watchin Erogon tonite, Oh well.

The Girlies and Boys are still getting along well, they’ve all been in Sleepy Kitty mode so nothin much to report here. Oh, we may be “aquiring” the sister to the boys, she was left at MIL’s and her cats havent accepted her, its getting colder and she needs a way to stay warm, surely 1 more wont make much difference….hmmmmm.


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Pictures as Promised

WooHoo! it didnt take as long as I thought it would to finish my housework so as promised here is the Picture.

Mama’s Monkey Socks Mama’s Monkey Socks

Vital Stats: Yarn, Lornas Laces Happy Valley 1 Hank plus about 1yd of a second one, Needles, Knit Picks Nickle Plated Steel Size US 2/2.50mm, these socks took me about 2 weeks or  a little longer cuz of other knitting/family obligations.  Yes I’m aware the arent exact matches but, my Grandma will love them anyways 🙂

Next project to start is another Christmas present (for who I’m not telling, and the only pic will be the one below till it is done)

SeaWool Christmas Yarn Fleece Artist SeaWool in the Pinata Colorway

I got this and the LornasLaces from LoopyEwe, go on over there and see Sheri and her elves I promise you’ll find every yarn you need and more!!

Also recently Started, yes its another Christmas present this time for DS

Back to Basics Sock, Knitty Fall 2007 Knitty Fall 2007 Back to Basics Sock

Knit Picks Essential Tweed Marina Colorway

Thars all for now, am gonna browse my daily Blogs (links in sidebar) and see whats goin on

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I forgot to post last nite, Oh Well, i guess life will go on. I finished the Monkey Socks and have em drying behind the heater now. They should be dried and ready to photograph later on today! My Sales rep from Notions-Marketing, Sue, returned my call and most if not all my order has been pulled and is scheduled to ship today, so for all those waiting on orders you should have em next week at the latest!!

Today I plan on signing up for a new hosting solution for the Knit-n-Stitch, and also am gonna get at least 1 more domain name just in case I cant transfer the one I already have from Stores Online. I am definitially not happy with them, they cost way more than my monthly sales each month and some parts of their store builder dont work the way they say they do, like shipping soliutions 😦 and a few other ones. Not only that but when you need to change account information you have to call them, then wait for them to return your call, and then get transfered around before finally getting told, “I’m sorry but what you want to do cant be done”. To bad for then, I guess when my payment gets denied because the account that they get my monthly payment from has been closed then they’ll contact me for an immediate payment and ask me to change my account information then. On to work for the day

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Quick Post

Hubby is havin a fit about someone beating him in a Club Pogo Badge Challenge Game, so wont be here long. One more lace repeat and toe to go, and will have a pic of the finished Monkey Socks Hope everyone has had as much fun knitting these socks as I have. I can def say they wont be my last pair!!

Sannybug’s Mama, see y’all later on today

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Kitten Update

Sanny and Boys(Click to Enlarge)

This is a picture of my 11yr old cat Sannybug and the 2 newest arrivals, Cpt Bligh (in the middle) and Koko (at the end) all nuggled up and sleeping together 🙂 We’ve had a few rough days with the Girlies and Boys since the boys showed up Thanksgiving, but all seems to be smoothing out! Sanny seems to have decided that the little ones are to be loved on and allowed to love her back, now Charlie (3yr old girl) needs to be just a tad friendlier and we will be one big happy family.

I am still lookin for a new host for my webstore. I would like to thank Ray for his suggestions, I may end up goin with one of them or Fat Cow depending on where I can get the best deal (am still researching that point).  Right now Hubby is taking a nap surrounded by the 2 boys so he isnt much help with this. Oh Well, guess he’ll find out what I’ve decided when its done :-). For the record I would like to say that Ray has of the best/nicest hand dyed yarns  available for sale on his website, click the link above and check them out!

The second of the Monkey Socks is 2 repeats and a toe away from completion, hopefully I can get it done tonite (yeah, I know I said that yesterday too…) Better hope my Mom will either be watching Eureka or wants to play Gin or Canasta, otherwise it wont get done. In other news for the day, I have finally got enough orders to make my first purchase from my supplier and hope to have those first few orders out by Monday next week!! Thats all for now, if I get the sock finished I’ll post the pic(s) tomorrow here and in my gallery.

Sannybugs Mama

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Hi Everybody!!copy-of-please.jpg (Mama, can I have some of that?)

 This is my first attempt at blogging so please be patient while I sort out the bugs and any kinks that crop up! Also, my spelling doesnt always come out right due to nerve damage in my hands so please forgive any mispellings or typos, and I will do my best to catch and fix them as they appear. 

Sannybug (pictured above) is my 11yr old Tortiseshell Manx who supervises my knitting and does her best to corral the other 3 who love to disrupt my knitting. Her “kitten” 3yr old Charlie (pictured below), loves to “help” mama by chewing on my yarn and chasing my balls of yarn across the room while I knit 🙂 The 2 new additions Cpt Bligh and Koko (pictures to come) are quickly learning the fine art of “helping” mama and have been caught in many funny antics involving fiber. Charlie and Yarn(Charlie and yarn)

I love to Knit and Sew and will have plenty of pictures to post of finished and unfinished items. I will also be posting about my store and the goings on there, I will announce specials and upcoming events. Also, I will try to keep up with events in my hometown and post them here.

More to come later as I figure this thing out!

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Off to a slow start

On my last post (and first ever post) I introduced you all to my girls and attempted to tell what this blog would be about. I sure hope that it was sufficient with no further explanation needed 🙂 The Picture in the header is of my hometown circa 1870 give or take a few years, I thought that would be a good picture to show as I will be posting not only about my webstore and daily life but also about what is happening in town. Speaking of things happening; Our Annual Christmas parade will be either the 1st or 8th of Dec, the date has been changed so will post the exact date and time as soon as it is available.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, Hubby, Son and I went to my Aunts for my families yearly get together where good food, and lots of fun were had! I had several family members express intrest in some hand knit sockies, and the word was put out that if they purchase the yarn (from my website of course, lol)  that I will be more than happy to knit them up. I forgot my camera so no pictures 😦 hopefully next time I’ll be more prepared!

Today, hmmmmm, Nothing much goin on, Started this blog, and am lookin for a new host for my webstore so I dont have to pay so much a month. Any suggestions (other than Stores Online) would be appreciated.

Knitting, am currently trying to finish the Monkey Socks for my grandma, hope to have them done tonight or early tomorrow so I can wash and block them, and give them to their intended recipient. Thats all for now, check out my gallery and my webstore!

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