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New Day, Old Projects :-)

I have been working on some of my WIPs today off and on while playing Pinnochle with Brian and my Mom. The ribbing on the second Monkey sock is almost done and from there it wont take that long to finish it the pattern moves very fast once you get it going. My Uncle’s sock is almost done I still need to finish the last few inches of the foot and the toe then will have the first sock done. And of course there are the ever present BBS, I really need to spend some concentrated time on them and get them done!

Jason, the guy who usually helps Brian out at the Funeral Home, and his wife Angela welcomed child number 3 into the world yesterday at 1:06PM weighing in at just above 8lbs and a whopping 22 inches long, guess that means I better get to knitting for the baby too. Looks like The new pair of socks for me just got put even further down the line but oh well it wont take to long to knit a few baby things, I have patterns just need to decide which one to use and the yarn to use. Even tho they had a girl I’m thinking I will use some of the Bernat Bamboo yarn, its Baby blue in color but they dont want a bunch pink stuff  so I think this will be perfect.

 Swift New swift set up with Lorna’s Laces Carol Green

Brian having fun Brian winding yarn with the New Ball Winder

Brian actually smiling for the cameraHes having so much fun that he actually smiled for the camera 🙂 WOW!

Bligh and the Swift No Blighs were harmed in the taking of this picture, just grazed on the ear and fur ruffled 🙂 He couldnt get enough of the Swift, and tried several times to attack it LOL! 

Thats all for now I will return you to your regularily scheduled Browsing


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1 down 1 to go Heres the pic of the first Monkey Sock for my sister.

And because my Son asked me to do this…J and woven Bikini Pants Here is a pic of him holding some of his weaving , he sewed em together and told me to “put a picture of him holding his bikini pants an my blog” 🙂 I have a strange young man LOL! Pics to come in a later post of Hubby the Swift and the Ball winder we got the other day!

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Yesterday was Wonderful! Hubby stayed home most of the day and we enjoyed a quiet day each of us on the computer or knitting and enjoying each others company. We also had to go to Neosho too, unfortunately his glasses decided yesterday was the day to break so we had to get them fixed and while there we picked up the makings for supper. Snow Crab, Shrimp Scampi, Butterfy Shrimp, Garlic Toast and Salad fixins, nummmmmy 🙂 We also picked up a small cake and opened a bottle of wine from 2 yrs ago. Stone Hill Winery in Branson MO, check em out next time your in the area they have some wonderful wines!

Knitting news… I got the Sample skein from Ray yesterday of his potential new sock yarn line called 8020 Uptowne Road. It is sweet, Soft, Smooth, non fuzzy. It takes dyes beautifully. And perhaps the biggest thing for me… It is Non Irritating to my Hands!!! I e-mailed him with all this info this am, and I hope to see this soon as a Premium line for him as his Down Home Socks yarn is to good to let go too.

In other news OLM got the server problem fixed so now I can upload pics to my website. I plan on reopening by the Middle of Feb, but keep an eye out cuz we may sneek in earlier and we will be having a Large reopening sale!!!

I got the first one of my Sister’s Monkey Socks done Monday and the ribbing started on the second one. I really like the Fleece Artist Sea Wool yarn except bein 2 ply it tends to split if you arent careful and the color she chose, Pinata. The colors for the most part blend well into each other, but some of the colors created by this blending or already a planned part of the scheme are in my opinion arent that pretty. The good thing tho is the colors dont pool and the yarn doesnt irritate my hands so I will be using it again, just in a different colorway.

Thats it for now, I need to do a few house work type things, get started on my website and take updated pics for Ravelry and here.

See ya later hopefully with some pictures!

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Yep you guessed it as is normal for me I have to spend most of today cleaning. With 2 boys here on Fri thru Sun (Hubby and Son) plus 2 very active boy type kittens You can imaging what my house looks like come Sunday nite 🙂 No complaints tho cuz Hubby and I dearly love having him here and wish he lived here full time! Right now Hubby is sweeping and mopping the kitchen for me and will be cleaning the bathroom isnt he so sweet!

I have all but 5 rows done on the first sock of my Sisters pair, and about 3 inches plus toe left to do on my Uncles first sock. Will be working on finishing these 2 socks tonite during Enterprise and will take a pic as soon as they are finished and the 2nd one is started.

Knit-n-Stitch update, Brian and I are working on getting everything onto the website as fast as possible. He is inputting the text and as of today I can and am uploading Pics YAY!! Will continue to update as needed, and will be a having a second Opening Sale when everything is up and  running 🙂

Thats all for now, will be updating WIP pics here and on Ravelry as soon as I have them! 

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Actually the only plans I have for this weekend is to Knit and we’ll see what else comes up:-) Hubby’s and my 3rd Anniversary is Tuesday, 3yrs! WOW, we both after more than one failed unhappy marriage each are both still happy and very content! Neither one of us believed you could be “happily married” even tho we have seen examples of that all over the place, and here we are 3yrs into being Very Happily Married!

On the home front Son is here and hasnt taken his new sockies off yet since putting them on! Bad news on this front is he brought the cold down with him so cross your fingers I dont get sick, I’ll definately be crossing mine!

I managed to get Uncle’s boot sock foot to within 2 inches of ready to start toe shaping and another lace repeat done on Sister’s Monkeys. BBS work will commence tomorrow and Monday (after I put a decent amount of work into my new website that is) and hopefully I will have some progress to show in a pic or 2 (before and after pics maybe…)and these pics I’ll also post on the Ravelry SFS group boards or atleast share the photos with the group. I’ve gotta get some work done on them before Kim starts wondering what I’ve done with her yarn….Maybe with some dedicated work I can get them done and sent off this week? Well its a lofty goal but with some work it might be possible if I can get past the black yarn that is.

See everybody later today or tomorrow.

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Or, how to get ones self to work on things that really need to be done other than Knitting (perish the thought) and Housework (maybe I need to bribe myself for that one too, hmmmmm)

I have several pressing things that need to get done and soon.

1. Get financials together for Stone Co and the Knit-n-Stitch so we can get the taxes done, which will entail some phone calls to find an accountant and a business type lawyer (we are gonna incorporate the 2 businesses into one under a new name) fixing up a very well messed up check book register which will entail finding receipts (yikes where did I put those)    and the old register so I can make a new one along with the bank statements (OY)

2. Get the Knit-n-Stitch rebuilt, thankfully hubby can type so while I’m getting the financial stuff done he can be entering the info onto new website. I  am truely sorry the Knit-n-Stitch is closed for the time being until this stuff can be gotten done (and also because the site is down due to a major error on my new hosts side, and mine because I followed their instructions)

Well ok 2 pressing business things, I also during all of the above have to keep the house clean, feed the blog, play WIP catch with 2 very rambunctious 16 wk old tabby boys ( they love to steal socks in progress), update Ravelry, and any other number of things I can think of while this is going on. Honestly I havent figgered out how all of you manage to do this so well 🙂

The way I figger I can do this is promise myself 50.00 dollars worth of whatever yarny goodness I desire at the end of the month, or split the difference between hubby (that is if he helps me when and how I need help) and I and each of us get whatever we want for 25.00 each at the end of the month. That sound good to anybody? I’m gonna try it starting Monday (tho I have already spent my 50 dollars this month more on that later)So whatever I accomplish next week will count towards Febs totals. Now I just need an honest way of keeping track, any suggestions from blog land?

As for what I spent the money on, I bought some yarny goodness and some fixed circs from Knit Picks I got Essential Grass 3 skeins and Risata Black 3 skeins for my next 2 pairs of BBS which I will start as soon as I get the first pair finished 🙂

I finished Son’s Socks and they are waiting to be washed so he can wear them this weekend!Son’s Socks (of course I had to try them on, we have the same size feet you know, LOL!) The one Bind off on the first one is a bit tight due to me not knowing how to do a stretchy bind off but it is still wearable and if it shrinks I can always rip back and rebind off, I hope 🙂 These socks also happen to be my first FO of 2008!!!!YAY!!! Now I just have to finish the other 3 pair of family socks and the BBS and then my sock que will be clear and I can get to work starting and finishing the other dozen or so Items I need to do (can we say way behind on Christmas 2007)

Heres hoping everybody else is having a good day and that it is warmer where you are than where I am!

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A knitter.

Maybe…at least the life of a knitter whos website just went down and who has to spend  the better part of an hr on hold with the new host trying to pick the pieces back up. For all my patrons of the Knit-n-Stitch please be patient, I will do my best to have the site back up and running ASAP! This little snafu is part of the ranting I did yesterday so please bear with me 🙂

Updated to add; The problem with my new host is an internal server problem and they will be getting back to me when the server is back up and running. So the problem isnt mine and I’m not crazy!

On to more relaxing and knitterly news…

Today is the Yarn Harlot’s 4th Blogiversary go on over there and wish her a Happy Day, just dont forget to come back 🙂 I will be finished with Son’s socks this evening (OkOk I know, they shoulda been done Monday) And if my camera cooperates there will be Pics for bother here and Ravelry. Hopefully I will have more than 1 finished object to show this week too as I plan to work hot and heavy on my remaining Socks while I am unable to download pics to my website.

Have a nice evening full of fun, family and good food!

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