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Ok, so its New Years Eve, but….in17hrs and 24 min give or take a few (its 6:37 am now) it will officially be New Years day and all the old will be gone and the new will be here, well, new year anyways 🙂 What is everybody gonna do tonite and what are you planning to resolve for the new yr?

Tonite Hubby, Son and I are gonna snack and ring in the New Yr by watching FOX News Channel (dont get local stations out here) to see the ball drop in Times Square. During the day I plan to finish cleaning my mess in the kitchen, making the boys a good breakfast (bisquits and gravy) doing some laundry and in the middle of it all finishing up sock number 1 for the Boy and getting number 2 started While watching an all day CSI Las Vegas Marathon. Cant wait to get started, but…need to figger out what needs to be done first, the kitchen or laundry, have to choose as I cant run the d/w and washer at the same time.  Tomorrow Hubby and Son will be goin to my folk’s to help my dad cut wood so I will have plenty of uninterrupted Knitting Time and House cleaning time.

Part of my plan for the New Yr is to get the Knit-n-Stitch moved to the new host so will be working on it along with trying to finish Christmas Knitting and getting started on Birthday/ Me Knitting. So in the near future look for me to announce here and at the Knit-n-Stitch that the move has been started! It will be opened as a skeleten site and will be fleshed out as the month moves along, I will have yarn, knit and chrochet supplies and some sewing/quilting supplies. No fabric or Embroidery supplies planned as of yet since I dont yet have the room to store the extra stuff. 

The other part of that plan and also part of my living area plan is to get the upsatirs cleaned and habitable so we can move our bedroom upstairs and out of the living room and to get the bedroom downstairs cleaned and all the stuff there moved into storage so we can use that room as the Knit-n-Stitch LYS and storage area 🙂 Ambitious… yes, dooable… yes, will I be able to get Hubby to help me when I need the help and not be cranky about it… I sure hope so.

 Socks for Soldiers, I am gonna shoot for a pair of socks a month and hopefully will succeed, but am not gonna kill my hands to get them done and I need to do family knitting too.

I have a busy Yr planned and hopefully I will be able to report that the resolutions/plans have been completed and I will be taking pics of the whole process. There will be a new page by the end of the day today to keep track of how my plans are progressing for anybody who wants to keep track.


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The guys have come through for Mamma so I guess I better get busy baking, will post pics of the FOs after I get done today.

Josey in kitchen Sorry pic is Blurry but this is the best kitchen cleaning shot I got. Josey did a very good job!!

Guess I’ll finish this post today…I added to the wrong post yesterday, oh well. I didnt get but one pic of the baked goodies they were gone to fast! The bread and rolls are about half gone now thanks to my “mice” the Boy ate all but 4 of the Cinn Rolls (there were 12) and the pie itself is down to 1 slice left so its gonna be a race to see who gets it 🙂 I did manage to get a shot of what happens when you have a kitten who will eat pretty much any people food offered, or not LOL,

 KooKoo kove pumpkin pie This is what happens when you leave a pie out to cool in a spot that a Kitten can reach 🙂 Never have I had a cat that likes pumpkin pie so I never even though about where it was cooling I just sat it on my knitting machine table that doubles as a cooling/baking rack and about 10 min later turned around and this is what I found. Oh well, LOL 🙂

THats all for today, we will be goin to my folks today to help cut wood again and then to my sisters for our weekly supper so I will most likely be tired when we get home esp since I was up at 0 dark 15 thanks to a spoiled 11 yr old cat (thanks Bug). Hope to have plenty of knitting time while the guys are cutting wood.

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Guess I figgered out how to get my guys (well at least the little guy) how to clean the kitchen. I bribed em with baked goodies!!! so I guess part of my day will be taken up with baking and knitting while items are in the oven or raising and whenever else I’m not needed in the kitchen. Son has kicked Hubby out of the kitchen and says he’ll clean it himself, so we shall se what we shall see when it comes to cleanliness of the finished kitchen. Now… to take some random shots of the activity in the kitchen!

Well I got the pics, just havent downloaded them. It is now Sat afternoon, early evening and the Cinnamon Rolls are gone, half the rolls are gone, Son has brokeninto the loaf of bread and we have all had some Pumpkin pie. I got some work dome on the BBS yest afternoon and eve, but didnt touch any of the other stuff. Yoday I have been knitting a swatch from my Stitch a Day Calendar the Textured Strip pattern from Dec 27. I need to reknit it with a smaller needle and wool or a blend yarn. The cotton yarn  and size 10 needles just make to big of a gauge. Oh well, back to knitting sockies for me, need to finish those first before I start trying out new stitch patterns.

The kitten my MIL adopted is needing a new home, turns out she is allergic, not deathly, but enough to be very uncomfortable. She doesnt know I have this Blog but I figgered I’d mention it here  just incase someone who lives near Rocky sees this and wants a very pretty Tortishell Tabby Kitten. She is appx 12 weeks old very well house trained and very friendly. I do have pics of her and will post them as soon as I get them downloaded and edited. We would take her but with 4 other kitties in the house here two of which are most likely her littermates we cant afford another, and after we kept her overnight the one night, the other kitties have made it clear they dont want her here especially the boys.

I used Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Pie recipe from the Food Network website and Oh Boy is it good!!! All you have to do is go to the home page and use the search for recipe search engine and then click on Paula Deen’s. Its made with butter cream cheese and half and half instead of evaporated milk. Nummmmmmmy!!! Well guess I’ll go back to my knitting, or maybe I should finish cleaning up my mess in the kitchen (just a few dishes I got everything else done) either one will work. Will try to have more updates and pics tomorrow.

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I got a new desk organizer type basket for Christmas and got it set up yesterday, Guess who found it this morning…no really guess… give up, ok,

Basketcase yep…its Bligh! he seemed to enjoy it so much that this is what happened when KooKoo decided to Check it out too

Boys yep…the boys got into a brawl on the back of the couch!! It was funny esp when they tumbled off the back and onto the seat still goin at it!

Does anyone out there know what happens to Jammie pants that are 6 or so yrs old? Especially when they have been well washed and worn…

OOPSYep, you guessed it ones behind gets cold! My mom is gonna make me a new pair here pretty soon (as soon as the fabric she ordered comes in) so my behind wont be cold anymore!

Since this is supposed to be a knittng blog I have a couple of updates…I got the ribbing done on Uncle’s boot socks and am ready to start the heel on Son’s socks. Todays knitting will include the BBS, my Sister’s Monkey Socks, and hopefully some on my Mom’s Aran Braided socks, Not necessarily in that order 🙂 and maybe I’ll start a pair of sockies for ME, more on that later 🙂 ansd will have more knitting picture updates.

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And I got the Living Room Cleaned!! Ex Husband called a little bit ago and Son is on his way here now!! Anyways I got some pictures taken of current WIPs and Kitties. So without futher Ado…I present…

All 4 of them All 4 of the apparently hungry kitties.Thats Bligh laying over Charlie eating and KooKooNut under Sandy 🙂 now for another Hungery Kitties pic;

Mommy i’m hungry too Charlie seems to be saying “Mamma I’m hungry too” she had just came out from under Bligh tho after eating her fill 🙂

On to Knitting content…Sorry no Fo pics tho am hoping to have some in the next day or 2

#1 BBS sock #1 First 4 rows of ribbing are done on my first pair of Big Black Socks for Socks For Soldiers. I have been endeavoring to work on these for 20 min a day however Christmas Knitting took Priority and they kinda got left behind. I have since picked them back up and they have regained their former position in the Sock Bag.

#2Jacob’s Sock Jacob’s Christmas Socks first of a pair am almost halfway done with the foot so he should get these soon (one can always hope)

#3Uncle Atchie’s Boot Sock Uncle Atchie’s boot socks Pattern: Eesti Trail Hiking Socks, Size 3 needles, Lion Brand Wool-ease yarn, MC Forest Green Heather  CC Cream, worsted weight. Am on the last 13 rows of ribbing b4 the patterning starts these socks will be my first attempt at Fair Isle sock knitting, wish me luck and my Uncle too that these wont be to tight! Am gonna use the same pattern and yarn to make both Hubby and my Dad their boot socks.

Thats all the pictures for now, need to go get Grame’s (my Mom) last 2 presents out of the bedroom(storage room for now) and ready for her to take with her when she gets here and get the Tuna Cassarole stuff together so can get it cooked once Son is here to help me with the noodles, he will have to drain them as it isnt safe for me to lift a heavy pot of hot water by myself. That is all for today, hopefully will have an updated pic of Son’s socks tomorrow.

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Random Day

More house cleaning is on the Docket for today. I got the kitchen partially done yesterday and did the bathroom done just now and am taking a break mostly to get the smell of bleach outa my nose, ewwwwww. 

I checked the Knit-n-Stitch today, and have been getting quite a few hits even some form this here blog, YIPEE!! 🙂 now, if I can just get some orders….I am gonna be changing hosts, but plan on paying for another month with Stores Online so I have more time to get the new site paid for and up and running. I guess sales taxes need to be paid at some point this week too, yuck. Such is the life when you have a business 🙂

Be back later, I have pics to take, cleaning, and knitting to do. Back now, got my desk cleaned and straightened and am now fighting Bligh for my sandwhich, LOL 🙂 Hubby just got a death call, so now I guess its time to be on my own for a couple of days. Son is supposed to be back either today or tomorrow and am waiting for the call, since I cant drive my Mom is on call to pick him up. She usually picks him up anyways, but has been to busy lately to do it. I guess its back to work for me, need to get the Lr picked up so Son has a place to sleep.

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I’ll tell ya what, if I ever get my house clean again I’m gonna try to keep it that way,letting it go to knit makes it next to impossible for me to catch up esp if I have 2 little tagalongs following me and begging for attention.AWWWWWWWW Yes I am talkin about these 2 little guys who look so cute lying there all snuggled up trying for all their worth to look innocent. Believe me…they arent 🙂  Well back to work again. Nah never mind, dont feel like workin no more so am gonna sit here and knit. Planned for this eve, Uncles Socks, BBS, and either Sons or Jacobs socks or both, depends on my mood how much of this will get done. Pics and updates tomorrow

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