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And Summer of Socks 08 has ended, bummer LOL!

Sep 1 2008 at 12:01AM was the offical kick off time for this years Sockdown challenges and looking at the Sep Sockdown thread on Ravelry ( main page you’ll have to sign in or request an invite) There were several members that waited up just long enough to catch the first Mystery sock clue and to cast on for their socks 🙂

September’s Challenges include: any Cookie A. Pattern in any color yarn (you should see the number of Monkeys being done), any sock pattern in Orange yarn (from a very light orange to terra cotta etc) and/or the Mystery Sock in Orange Yarn. Sounds easy enough….Yeah….who knew there would be so many variations of orange yarn 🙂 Debi (Fluffyknitterdeb on Ravelry) Susan (Justkeepknitting) and Baseballknitter (sorry dont remember her name) have been up to their eyeballs in orange yarn pic. You see there was a qualification on the orange yarn….the yarn has to be atleast 75% orange, LOL! Basically they want us to step outside our color comfort zone and they want anybody to be able to look at the socks produced and say “thats an orange sock”. Varigated yarns are allowed as long as they meet the 75% rule of thunb.

I have cast on for 2 of the challenges this month; Cookie A.’s Monkey (yes another pair) in CTH Sugar Maple (not 75%) and Spring Forward in Knitivity Uptowne Road (discontinued) California Spring (75% or more). I am loving both of the yarns, and am enjoying myself immensly with them. Heres some cast on pics…

 Monkey Ribbing 🙂

 And the start of Spring Forward, as you can see I got it started late last nite and ended up stopping after the curent row being worked was done after I caught myself knitting in my sleep again 🙂

Thats all for now, I’ll post pics of Mama’s Cardi and Uncle Atchie’s Sweater swatch either tomorrow or Thursday when I get them out to work on (have to take pics of them first…OOPS 🙂 Am gonna wait a day or 2 so I can catch up on my sleep (Brian having funerals to work and being gone doesnt do any good for me and sleep) and not wake myself up knitting in my sleep on one of the sweaters. 

See ya tomorrow and enjoy the SUnshine Kitty pic below:

 Isnt Charlie such a purrrty girl 🙂


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Boy does it poor!!!!

Yesterday eve we got a death call, and I bet you can guess where this is headed… Yep, 2 more in the last 3 hrs GRRRRR. Yes its a good thing but; Brian is trying to job hunt and cant when there are funerals pending. 2 of them are cremations so that helps but the third one is a full Funeral so that kinda screws up the entire weekend ARGHHHHHHHH!

Am gonna go back to my regularily scheduled Ravelry browsing will finish this post later.

And I never made it back, oops :-0 Sorry bout that

Well the above mentioned funeral is on Tuesday so job hunting is out till atleast Wednesday depending on how tired he is.

I’ve gotten about halfway down the flap of the DSS Soldier Sock I’ve been working on as well as swatching a possible contender for the orange socks for SKASEP08 Challenge. It seems like it will be 75% Orange and if the Moderators over there agree Its gonna become Spring Forward starting Monday 🙂 I will also be doing a Cookie A sock for September in Cherry Tree Hill Sugar Maple  which is only 33% Orange but is really pretty in its own right. I’ve been waiting  to use those 2 skeins for a while now and fully plan to in the next month. It is a good thing that each challenge is 2 mo long because along with working on my SKA Challenges I am also gonna be working on Christmas Presents 2 of which are sweaters YIKES 🙂 I have my work cut out for me, guess I better start knitting and not Raveling as much LOL!

See ya’ll either Mon or Tue and Have a Nice Holiday Weekend!

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Blue Iris 3

Originally uploaded by sannybugknits

Here are 2 of my Last years New Iris plants with Buds and Blooms! They are a Ligt Blue with darker blue varigations on the petals and inside, very pretty when seen in real life! I am gonna try to upload a few more pics cross your fingers  that it works!Blue Iris 2 Ok I think I know how to do the picture thing for now , tho I am gonna have to figure out why my flash uploader is acting weird. Here is a picture of a Violet colored Iris that bloomed the other day.Violet Iris 2 Please ignore the cigarette in the pic 🙂 I still have several (actually A BUNCH/SEVERAL/ oh crap..ALOT!!!) of Irises left to bloom they a more prolific and colorful this yr than I’ve seen em in the past 5 yrs. Brian and I will be doing sone yard work today including planting some Glads and Dahlias and putting down ant and other insect killer (I also plan to kill off as many red hornets as I can so I can work outside without fear of getting stung).

Knitting: I have gotten both the BBS most of the way done with the foot, One of them is 3 inches shy of starting the toe and the other is about 4.5-5 in shy (am working on that one today to get it caught up.Almost Done with the BBS As soon as I get the second one’s yarn done to the last 6 inches of the skein I’ll get the 3rd skein balled up and finish them off and get em along with other goodies sent off to Kim! Also Christmas 2007 still reigns strong in my knitting, Jacobs second sock is almost doen and I will be starting the 3 pair of felted slippers in the next week, pictures to come later. I also swatched the DiC Giant Peach for Mama’s Cables and Lace CardiDiC Swatch Am loving the way it looks, how it knitted up, and most of all I really like the color! Mama’s cardi will prob be done in either Gothic Rose or Chinatown Apple, but I am planning to order myself some more of the Giant Peach and Lipstic Lava to make a couple of Sweater Tees and matching socks! I know, I know, finish up what is on the needles and start on the yarn I already have but…..More DiC Classy and Smooshy oh and Numma Numma, and Yarn Nerd are  in order as soon as TLE has em in stock. Speaking of yarn orders…I participated in Ray’s sale this week and have some ________ coming for socks to make my mom, hint: its a color she really likes of his, some Whine and Cheese coming for MIL in his already discontinued Uptowne Road (I dont blame him see his blog for why) and some of the River Stone (I believe) for Brian or Josey depending on who I decide needs it more, or likes it more 🙂

Thats all for now, I may try to post later today esp if I can get some really good pics after the yard work is done, if not you’ll hear from me tomorrow eve after my mom and I go participate in the Knit WIcks sale!!

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Ok, so its New Years Eve, but….in17hrs and 24 min give or take a few (its 6:37 am now) it will officially be New Years day and all the old will be gone and the new will be here, well, new year anyways 🙂 What is everybody gonna do tonite and what are you planning to resolve for the new yr?

Tonite Hubby, Son and I are gonna snack and ring in the New Yr by watching FOX News Channel (dont get local stations out here) to see the ball drop in Times Square. During the day I plan to finish cleaning my mess in the kitchen, making the boys a good breakfast (bisquits and gravy) doing some laundry and in the middle of it all finishing up sock number 1 for the Boy and getting number 2 started While watching an all day CSI Las Vegas Marathon. Cant wait to get started, but…need to figger out what needs to be done first, the kitchen or laundry, have to choose as I cant run the d/w and washer at the same time.  Tomorrow Hubby and Son will be goin to my folk’s to help my dad cut wood so I will have plenty of uninterrupted Knitting Time and House cleaning time.

Part of my plan for the New Yr is to get the Knit-n-Stitch moved to the new host so will be working on it along with trying to finish Christmas Knitting and getting started on Birthday/ Me Knitting. So in the near future look for me to announce here and at the Knit-n-Stitch that the move has been started! It will be opened as a skeleten site and will be fleshed out as the month moves along, I will have yarn, knit and chrochet supplies and some sewing/quilting supplies. No fabric or Embroidery supplies planned as of yet since I dont yet have the room to store the extra stuff. 

The other part of that plan and also part of my living area plan is to get the upsatirs cleaned and habitable so we can move our bedroom upstairs and out of the living room and to get the bedroom downstairs cleaned and all the stuff there moved into storage so we can use that room as the Knit-n-Stitch LYS and storage area 🙂 Ambitious… yes, dooable… yes, will I be able to get Hubby to help me when I need the help and not be cranky about it… I sure hope so.

 Socks for Soldiers, I am gonna shoot for a pair of socks a month and hopefully will succeed, but am not gonna kill my hands to get them done and I need to do family knitting too.

I have a busy Yr planned and hopefully I will be able to report that the resolutions/plans have been completed and I will be taking pics of the whole process. There will be a new page by the end of the day today to keep track of how my plans are progressing for anybody who wants to keep track.

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And I got the Living Room Cleaned!! Ex Husband called a little bit ago and Son is on his way here now!! Anyways I got some pictures taken of current WIPs and Kitties. So without futher Ado…I present…

All 4 of them All 4 of the apparently hungry kitties.Thats Bligh laying over Charlie eating and KooKooNut under Sandy 🙂 now for another Hungery Kitties pic;

Mommy i’m hungry too Charlie seems to be saying “Mamma I’m hungry too” she had just came out from under Bligh tho after eating her fill 🙂

On to Knitting content…Sorry no Fo pics tho am hoping to have some in the next day or 2

#1 BBS sock #1 First 4 rows of ribbing are done on my first pair of Big Black Socks for Socks For Soldiers. I have been endeavoring to work on these for 20 min a day however Christmas Knitting took Priority and they kinda got left behind. I have since picked them back up and they have regained their former position in the Sock Bag.

#2Jacob’s Sock Jacob’s Christmas Socks first of a pair am almost halfway done with the foot so he should get these soon (one can always hope)

#3Uncle Atchie’s Boot Sock Uncle Atchie’s boot socks Pattern: Eesti Trail Hiking Socks, Size 3 needles, Lion Brand Wool-ease yarn, MC Forest Green Heather  CC Cream, worsted weight. Am on the last 13 rows of ribbing b4 the patterning starts these socks will be my first attempt at Fair Isle sock knitting, wish me luck and my Uncle too that these wont be to tight! Am gonna use the same pattern and yarn to make both Hubby and my Dad their boot socks.

Thats all the pictures for now, need to go get Grame’s (my Mom) last 2 presents out of the bedroom(storage room for now) and ready for her to take with her when she gets here and get the Tuna Cassarole stuff together so can get it cooked once Son is here to help me with the noodles, he will have to drain them as it isnt safe for me to lift a heavy pot of hot water by myself. That is all for today, hopefully will have an updated pic of Son’s socks tomorrow.

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Twas the day after Christmas and all though the house most creatures were stirring including the mouse. They were gathering the gifts that nobody liked and hoping to returning them before the long Winters Night. The stores were opening their return centers with care and hoping that shoppers soon would be there. 

As a Veteran of Many Happy Returns Day, I flat refuse to go to the store  I dont like crowds and have much better stuff to do with my time! Our local Wal-Mart(s) will be so crowded that you cant get down the aisles! However, My MIL and SIL are gonna brave the crowds and got to the after Christmas sales, now thats Brave!

Todays work includes…more laundry, kitchen clean up and I need to pick up the lr/vacuum lr also 😦 Oh well, most of the work is my own fault…I neglected housework to knit Christmas Gifts, and it did help some I did manage to finish 3 gifts (1 w/ Hubbys help) and got good starts on a couple of others 🙂 Give me a few min tho and I bet I can find a way to blame the lack of housework bein done on Hubby and Son, hehehehehe. I am also gonna continue on the Post Christmas Knitting and get started on the BBS for SFS, HI Kim! I havent forgot!!

On the needles this day: Basic Sock for Nephew #1 am past gusset shaping and am on the foot portion. Back to Basics Sock Pattern for Son am almost to the heel shaping, these socks are knit toe up so am moving a but slower. Aran Braided Socks for my Mom have atleast the first repeat done of the cable on the first sock. Eesti Trail Hiking Socks for my Uncle, this is the first sock of the first pair of several boot socks  I need to make and am almost done with the ribbing. Snowdrop Shawl for my Grandma, am about half done, I really need to get time alone or atleast without distraction so I can finish it. The felted slippers are in the basket waiting for needles.

Thats all for now, will try to get pics of my day and post em later today! Have fun 

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EveryOne!! Sorry for the Caps, but Tis The Season! I have Pictures from both parties, so without further Ado…

 Ami This is my oldest Niece Ami (my sisters daughter) wearing her hat from Aunti and Uncle Brian. Foliage pattern from Knitty.com

Miranda This is Miranda, she is Ami’s little sister wearing the Hooded Cardi from Creative Knitting Magazine Nov 2007 issue.

Josey Oops I cut off his head… This is my Son, Josey, wearing a 2 shirt combo from his Grame. I didnt get a pic of him wearing his half done sockie 🙂

Jacob Jacob is the primary target of this picture, however Josey also had a role in it too 🙂 Jacob is wearing his New Watch from his Mommy and Daddy hes kinda shy so wasnt holding his presents up for pictures very well. No pic of him wearing a half finished sockie either but I did get a measurement of his foot so now I know how long to make em!!

Hailey And last but certainly not least is Hailey, shes wearing her Cooks outfit, we all got together and made/bought her items useful for cooking.  No hand knit sockies or anything however She did like the felted potholders!

Thats all for the pics for now, I have pics of the adults but nobody is holding up their gifts so i’m not gonna show em here 🙂 Hubby and I each got a book that is about our interests, He got a Historical Novel about the Civil War along with acouple of other Civil War books and a Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (he loves to cook!) I got  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off to go into my knitting book library. I really like it to except for the Green Coloring the Publishers chose for some of the pages it makes it very hard to read, but thats my ponly complaint about the book! Josey got a Teach Yourself Visually Knitting book and has already tried the Simple Cast On and has knit a row or 2, then frogged it and started over again several times. he hasnt decided whether or not knitting is fun yet (he will learn that it is tho, I have no doubt) Of course the Kitties werent left out, They got a Sisal scratching post and a mousie to play with, and, even tho Grame made it for us, Sannybug got a soft fuzzy blankie to sleep on!  Hubby is getting to sleep in today and unless he has a death call (hes a funeral director) he also gets the day off! Me, I plan on knitting and cleaning house today.

Thats all, guess I will make the rounds of the Knitting Blogs and then get to work.

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