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HEHEHEHE Figgered the title would catch ya 🙂

Actually, Star Trek Enterprise isnt on tonight since the Season Premiere of Eureka is coming on tonight and Sci Fi (channel 244 on DirecTV) is running an all day marathon of the first 2 seasons. I didnt realize it till when my mom told me here a few min ago (at 3) that the marathon was goin on. Oh well I have been watching Season 6 of Star Trek TNG all day so I guess I dont need to watch Enterprise tonight, groans.

Brian has been helping me update the Knit-n-Stitch , yesterday he was working on adding a page for Cross Stitch patterns and a few items that will be helpful for stitchers. While he was working on gathering the information and adding it to the page there was a power surge that tripped the outside breaker and in the process killed his desktop computer, luckily it didnt get any other items attached to that surge protector or anyother item in the house. I am guessing after troubleshooting the computer and related items that the surge knocked out the fuse in the power box inside the CPU so for now we are down to 1 computer. At least it happened after Josey went home instead of while he was here for the summer or we might have had a few computer related problems 🙂 The desktop is 5yrs old so it may have just died and the power surge justhappened at the same time. Oh Well, Brian is gonna have my dad check the CPU and see if that may have been the cause and go from there to determine what our next move computer wise will be. He has been wanting a laptop so this may end up being what we do but that will be a while.

On to knitting news…I have the first 19 rows done on the Thelonious Sock pattern and it is looking really good so far. I havent taken any pics yet but plan to do that as soon as I am done here. I just took a few pics and as the yarn is red (Wollmeise Wilder Mon) it isnt photographing well. I will upload them to my comp and see if I can adjust the colors enough so you can see the pattern forming. I’m not sure yet if my pattern and yarn choices are the best but it is looking good. I am also in the process of writing up the pattern for the Blended Frog Scallopini socks and hope to have it ready for testing soon. I will let whoever is interested in testing my pattern know when its ready by posting here and on Ravelry.

Thats all for today, Have a Nice Evening and I will see ya tomorrow!


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TADA!! May I present My Basket Weaved Toe Up W/ A difference Socks 🙂 They are made from Regia Bamboo/ Wool Blend 2 sk with partials left of each skein. I made the cuff about 4in long which is just about right for me. The patterns I used are Wendy Johnson’s (leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win leftover Wollmeise from her latest pattern) Toe up wih a Difference pattern, (I love the gusset change) and Basket Weave Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks By Charlene Schurch. By inserting the Basket Weave into it my SOS Socks also qualify for Sock Knitters Anon (SKA) July Sockdown Challenge 🙂 WOO HOO!

As per my usual MO I had to cast on for another pair of socks right away despite the other 3 pr waiting to be finished one of which needs to be done soon (Soldier Socks oops). I cast on Thelonious by Cookie A and have completed the ribbing and the first 7 rows of the pattern. So far its pretty easy once you (if you’re like me) ask and receive help on how to do the Make1Purl (m1p) and Make1Knit (m1k). I hadnt ever seen those instructions before so I had to ask about them. Next month (Aug) is a month off between yearly challenge starts in SKA and is a UFO month for those of us who have them to finish *raises hand*. Ravelympics Starts on Ravelry at the start of the Olympics and there are alot of challenges to do, I’ve joined SockPut and WIPWrestling. Right now I’m thinking that the WIP one is gonna be my best bet esp since I need to finish the Soldier Socks as soon as possible.

Nayla has a new home!! My niece from Seneca came by Friday nite after her, my son, and some of her friends from work went to Silver Dollar City for the day. Anyways, she saw Nayla and fell in love so we let her take her home Sat when she left 🙂 She loves kitties as does the rest of her family so Nayla will have a good home. Nayla will be a spoiled rotten kitty before anybody can blink an eye 🙂

Thats all for today… I will be working on the Knit-n-Stitch again this week adding somemore items, books and Cross Stitch patterns as well as some of the kits that Brian and I have been discussing. I will also be taking pics of my WIPs and posting them so that I can show them before and after the Ravelympics and Aug WIP Challenges.

Have a Nice Evening Everyone!

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I completed the first part of the Knit-n-Stitch update today below are the items added…

Fiber Dreams Patterns, Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn, and the New Colors of Patons Kroy Sock. I also changed the Coming soon notification on the home page and a few other items that you’ll have to check out on your own 🙂 I will be adding Books and some Cross Stitch Kits with my next update which will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

I got a few pictures to post of the boys and another Glad that bloomed recently that I planted last year.

 Such a pretty shade of orange 🙂 It is different than the color I was expecting, the one that came up in this area last yr was red with a yellow center, however I think this one is much prettier.

How bout a picture of Charlie…  Shes decided that she likes Bamboo and Wool blend yarn almost as much as she likes the Sea Wool from Fleece Artist and has been “helping” me work on my 2nd pair of SOS08 socks. Yes, they are still inprogress since I decided to do the website update now instead of later, oh well all I have left is the last pattern repeat and ribbing then I will have a completed pair of socks.  Now for the pictures of Bligh and KooKoo…

 KooKoo decided that the box seen here belongs to him, in this picture Bligh has taken over and KooKoo is ever so gently (WHAP WHAP) reminding Bligh just who the box belongs to HEHE!  Here the boys are trying to determine who gets to control ownership of the clean towels 🙂 They are still loving towards each other as brother will be but as Brian calls them…They are the Thunder and Lightning Twins as well!

Tuesday Brian and I went to Springfield as he had to run some Funeral Home errands and we stopped at Simply Fibers. Its was very nice, they have all sorts of yarns and goodies there including a few that I have been wanting to add to my list of available yarns. I restrained myself…while I wanted the DiC Smooshy and the TOFUtsies, and several other yarns they had I only got 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Girly Girl for Hailey’s either Bday or Christmas present. Arent you proud of me!! Especially since I went on a TLE Binge and got 4 skeins of yarn the other day, including DiC Smooshy ButterPeeps, Sugar Bunny Blvd Old Navy, Perchance to Knit Hot Fun in the Summer, and Hazel Knits Beach Glass. The upside 🙂 I now have a credit to use to get the 2nd Anniversary Loopy Kit and maybe a few other items.

Well thats all for now, I better get back to knitting!

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Quick update

Hi there everybody!

I have received several  very positive comments recently about the Knit-n-Stitch and I want to say Thank You to all who have done so!

This is just a quick update to let ya’ll know that the updat eto the Knit-n-Stitch is coming along nicely and I am hoping to have it done by the end of the week 🙂 I have received the shipment of Fiber Dreams Patterns and they will be posted with this update as well hop on over there and check them out and start deciding which ones you would like and the yarn to go with it! If you want the PDF version Laura (Fiber Dreams) sells that just make sure you hop on back to the Knit-n-Stitch for the yarn and other items needed to knit them up 🙂

I have been taking pics of the Glads as they come up and have a few more kitty shots but have yet to upload them to my computer (gotta quit bein lazy about uploading the pics HEHE) I have also finished the first one and all but 2 pattern repeats and the ribbing for the second one Will post pics when the socks are complete.

Thats all gotta get back to work and get the website updated!

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Knit-n-Stitch News First!

I have ordered and expect delivery in the next few days of Fiber Dreams patterns!! These will go up on the Knit-n-Stitch next week as well as the Red Heart Sock yarn which is finally in and some new Paton’s worsted wt yarn and some Cross Stitch patterns. These changes start Monday and I will let ya know here when the changes have been completed! I havent finalized arangements with Ray over at Knitivity yet to make up the kits with his yarns and Laura’s patterns but am hoping I will be able to build and offer them in the near future 🙂 Till then (and afterwards if you just want the yarn but why would ya LOL) go bug Ray and let him know that his indie work is appreciated and loved and For Heavens sake BUY!!! Then of course you’ll have to buy all the needles and such so trot right on back to the Knit-n-Stitch for those 🙂

Ok enough of the webstore promos for today on to the part that you really wanna see and thats pictures!

 Here is another piccie of my little girl Nayla, she is gonna be a strictly outdoor kitty since the boys arent very happy to let her come in. The girlies dont mind but in the desire to keep the boys from bein cranky (they are both strong guys) and my hands from bein attacked by mad kitties she is happy to be loved from outside the door. We will be packaging her and the boys up shortly for their trips to the vet for shots, check ups and of course the dreaded fixins. Isnt she a little cutie!!

 Here are my second entry into Summer of Socks. Pic was taken earlier today and they arent gonna be finished in time for the 10pm EST ending time for this 2wk time period. Oh well they will be done and hopefully posted by Sunday eve or early Monday for then next 2 weeks. I will be having Brian randomly choosing another pattern for me tonite and will be starting them either this weekend or as soon as this pair is done that is yet to be determined. These socks (pictured) are for me, most of the rest of the socks done between now and Christmas will be gifted. There will also be a specially designed pair of socks made for my dad. My mom and I are gonna work on designing a pair of intarsia/fair isle combo socks for him that say Semper Fi. I am hoping these will be done by His Bday in September or if not then by Veterans day. He is a Proud Veitnam Vet and also Proud to be a Marine! Since he doesnt read my blog or check out Ravelry I will be posting progress here and there. I have a few other projects blooming in my head and will be chatting about them here as time goes by including working on the Blended Frog Scallopini Pattern and offering it here as a freebie in the future. It wont be a downloadable pattern you will have to print it from this page but I’ll let ya know when its ready and you can print off. 

I will be posting more flower pics soon as my Glads are starting to bloom, so far only the ones from last yrs planting but the new ones from this yr are starting to get big and should be putting out their flower stalks soon.

Well I’m off to take a shower and get ready to go to the Veterans cemetery here in Rocky to meet up with the rest of my fellow VFW members for the local paper to take a picture 🙂 See ya’ll either Sunday or Monday….Hopefully with an FO and a New WIP photo to show 🙂 I’ll leave ya with a pic of Sandy who clearly thinks my dirty sock is good enough to sleep with…

 Have a Nice Weekend!

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But maybe some picture will cure that 🙂

 Meet Nayla our newest addition! Shes a little sweety who looks just like a combo of Bligh, KooKoo, and Mary’s little girl Cinnamon. Our best guess as to where she came from is the same as the boys. She just showed up on our front porch much the same way as Bligh and KooKoo. We tried to bring her in so could make sure shes housebroke and friendly, deflead etc but the boys threw a livid fit!!! SO she is staying on the porch and is bein cared for and loved just the same.

 Bet ya thought you wouldnt see anymore flowers here this yr HEHE! Well suprise! Here is one of the Glads I thought died last year 🙂 I also have 2 other Glads getting ready to bloom from the bunch that were planted last yr. One is about to bloom and the other is getting close.  There are also several newly planted Glads coming up too and I cant wait to see what they look like 🙂

Knitting news… I got to the cuff of the Toe Up w/ a Difference socks and am adding a Sensational Socks Basket Weave pattern to it so that they can qualify for Sockdown and SOS. The basket weave looks really nice in the Regia Bamboo so I’m happy. Will take pictures of it prob this eve and post them here and on Ravelry tomorrow. Brian finally got stuff mostly done at the Funeral Home and wouldnt ya know it he got a Death call the other day so I’ve  been getting quite a bit of kntting time and have been sang to by 2 little boy kitties as well as Charlie who “caught” the catnip mousie yesterday and had to sing about it. Arent kitties something 🙂

Thats all for now am gonna get back to work on the socks and see if I can get the second one to a decent phote size so can get good pics of them!

See ya’ll tomorrow hopefully with somemore pics!

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I dont know what to say today 🙂

The kitties are the same old lazy spoiled furbabies as they always are. My house is fairly clean, I need to do some work on it but am gonna do that tomorrow with my mom’s help (stuff needs moved and I have to have help to do it) and I am making progress on my socks.

 I finished the first Illusions sock last nite and it looks good! The pattern is very subtle but does show up in the right light. Laura has some excellent design skills and I cant wait to offer her patterns for sale at the Knit-n-Stitch as well as offering them in kit form with Ray’s yarn.

I know the Economy sucks right now but this is getting rediculous. I have had 1 sale in the last month and according to Ray he isnt having sales either. We are both on Ravelry, we both have our stores listed he has his shop listed on several lists and I am thinking about doing the same thing. I know OLYS’s and LYS’s are specialty shops and they are bound to have rough patches from time to time but this is getting so that the little guy cant make a living at something he or she loves. Whats worse is if you dont have the credit rating and no startup money (like me HEHEHE) then its even harder to make it in today’s economic state.

I dont want this venue to become a poor poor pity me type blog because I much rather post about my kitties and WIPs FOs and any other happy thing I can think of so I dont plan on dwelling. But I felt I needed to get the word out that there are several “little guys” out there that need your support  both Online and In person.

OH By the way I am gonna take some pictures of my newest Kitty and Flowers today and Post them prob Monday!

Have a Nice weekend all!

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