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Bout time I return to the blog

We have finally almost finished moving in!!!

I’m not gonna create a long post today but suffice to say, this seemingly simple move has been exhausting and has taken alot longer time than I anticipated!

We have officially got a new Phone, E-mail and Snail-Mail address and I will update here accordingly as soon as I become a bit less forgetful and more rested LOL 🙂

Brian is enjoying his new job and is considerably less stressed and less likely to lose his temper these days. The cats are all doing well and are enjoying THEIR new house. And so far there has been very few problems intergrating our house in to my mom and dad’s, only real trouble has been making room for our kitchen stuff in their kitchen but with a bit of work we have finally gotten almost everything in cabinets and wherever else it fits.

Finally… I will do my best to blog more frequently and get back to the purpose of this blog, updates on my kntting and of course my sweet little furbabies (and my mom’s if they will allow the pics to be taken LOL).


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Brian Got A Job!!!

Yep thats right, WOOOHOOO!! *said as I jump for Joy!*

The move is coming along we have finished the drywall on the second floor of my mom’s house and have started moving some stuff down there including my main stash other than the 2pr of socks I’m working on.

I would like to say Thank You to everybody who has ordered from Ray at Knitivity Yarns to help him recover from Hurricane Ike. If you have been keeping up with his blog you know he is able to get back online at the Library and that his brother Scott is taking care of printing off and sending the orders we are all sending him. Hopefully he will be able to start processing them soon and will be officially back in business.

The Knit-n-Stitch is also being moved (since its online that part will be easy) and I am in the process of getting a new e-mail, phone and snail mail contact info processed. We may or maynot have to go to temop contact info depending on how fast we can get our permanent stuff taken care of. However the plan is to keep it open unless there are problems then we will close temporarily and will post it here as well as on the home page to let everybody know. The redesign is coming along and as soon as we can get everything set back up it will be implemented 🙂

I’d also like to thank everybody for the well wishes and good luck vibes sent our way while Brian was Job Hunting!! You guys are great! Sorry I havent posted more in recent weeks but moving has that effect and as soon as we get all that taken care of I promise to blog more frequently and have more knitting, kitties and flower pics 🙂

See ya all in the next day or so!

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No Pics but I do have an Update

Ive gotten past the heel turn on both pair of socks for Sockdown Sep 08 Challenges and am seriously comptemplating casting on the Mystery SSock as well. Only problem there…I’m out of orange yarn and my favorite dyer is temporarily closed due to Hurricane Ike 😦

Ike like everybody knows hit the east coast of TX this past weekend and tore up Galveston and most of Houston as well as numerous other towns and communities. We are all praying they are getting the relief they need from the State and Feds and that everybody finds their house intact, yes, but mostly just plain repairable and that they dont have to stay relocated for to long. Speaking of Houston, Ray from Knitivity is fine and back home!!! However like most everybody else he has no electricity and is hurting for business. Hopefully he is able to get to a working comp soon because I am sure he is gonna find several orders for not only yarn but also donations for his charity hats. I plan to order some yarn from him here pretty soon as a gift and also I want to get his “Suprise Me” sock yarn as soon as he is able to dye again. Please help him out, Knitivity was born from the wreckacge of Hurricane Katrine…PLEASE  dont let his dream die because of Hurricane Ike.

Housing update: My dad and Brian got the doors up in my mom’s house and my mom and I got the 2nd floor mostly cleaned and ready to be finished!!! We will be doing the drywall in the main room this week and hopefully starting to paint this weekend. TS Ike however may put the painting on hold as my folks have a couple of trees down from him coming through one of which is perilously close to their house, thankfully it fell the otherway! So my dad and Brian may be cutting it out this weekend.

Thats all for now I’ll try to get some pics in the next couple of days of the sock progress and some of the house progress (if I remember to of the house,,,OOPS)

Hope everybody is fine and not many of you have to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

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Interview Away My dearie!!


YAHHHOOOO!!!! Is interviewing this am at 11 for a mail room position at JB Hunt in Springdale AR 🙂 Can you tell I’m very happy!!! Oh remember the when it rains post? Well we got another body yesterday at the Funeral Home so his mom is having to actually WORK part of a funeral (the hard part…not the actual funeral which will be Sat). The good thing about the mail room is it is a stepping off point within the company, most everybody works there for a yr and goes up from there! Wish Brian all sorts of luck 🙂

In Sock News…Spring Forward and Monkey are progressing quickly. SPrinforward is ready for the heel to be started and Monkey is half a repeat away. I’m gonna try to get Monkey to the gusset today and start on the Spring forward heel either tonight or tomorrow. Then will work some more on Mama’s Cardi and UA’s sweater. I havent decided who these socks will be going to or if they will go into my dresser drawer instead, am loving the colors so much that will prob be hard to give em up, HEHE!

Well Brian has returned and didnt get the job, they had already hired someone for the spot before they interviewed him, GRRRRR. The guy told him that there would be a couple more spots opening in the next couple of weeks and to keep calling. His Mom is gonna be happy that he wont be leaving after this service.

We are gonna start working on my Mom’s house Sunday and all week next week so that it will be ready for us to move down there as soon as he gets a job (prob sooner if I can talk him into it). He needs to just leave the Funeral Home and search for a job full time so that his stress level can start coming back down, everytime theres a death call his level goes right back up (mostly cuz his mom drives him nuts). I dont know if I can convince him of that need but I may be able to get some friends of ours (Bobbi and Curt…esp Curt) and the friend of his that helps him Jason tto convince him of it. Jason started working on him yetserday without my asking him.

Thats all for today…I know I promised pics Wed but I dont have them ready to go so will post them next time I post. Also…I will try to post what alls goin on at my Mom’s house this next week (maybe even with pics) in the evenings when I get home. And any orders for the Knit-n-Stitch next week will be delayed I’ll make one order to distributor and one mail run please bear wih us while we get ready to move, move, and get set back up again 🙂

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HEHEHEHE Figgered the title would catch ya 🙂

Actually, Star Trek Enterprise isnt on tonight since the Season Premiere of Eureka is coming on tonight and Sci Fi (channel 244 on DirecTV) is running an all day marathon of the first 2 seasons. I didnt realize it till when my mom told me here a few min ago (at 3) that the marathon was goin on. Oh well I have been watching Season 6 of Star Trek TNG all day so I guess I dont need to watch Enterprise tonight, groans.

Brian has been helping me update the Knit-n-Stitch , yesterday he was working on adding a page for Cross Stitch patterns and a few items that will be helpful for stitchers. While he was working on gathering the information and adding it to the page there was a power surge that tripped the outside breaker and in the process killed his desktop computer, luckily it didnt get any other items attached to that surge protector or anyother item in the house. I am guessing after troubleshooting the computer and related items that the surge knocked out the fuse in the power box inside the CPU so for now we are down to 1 computer. At least it happened after Josey went home instead of while he was here for the summer or we might have had a few computer related problems 🙂 The desktop is 5yrs old so it may have just died and the power surge justhappened at the same time. Oh Well, Brian is gonna have my dad check the CPU and see if that may have been the cause and go from there to determine what our next move computer wise will be. He has been wanting a laptop so this may end up being what we do but that will be a while.

On to knitting news…I have the first 19 rows done on the Thelonious Sock pattern and it is looking really good so far. I havent taken any pics yet but plan to do that as soon as I am done here. I just took a few pics and as the yarn is red (Wollmeise Wilder Mon) it isnt photographing well. I will upload them to my comp and see if I can adjust the colors enough so you can see the pattern forming. I’m not sure yet if my pattern and yarn choices are the best but it is looking good. I am also in the process of writing up the pattern for the Blended Frog Scallopini socks and hope to have it ready for testing soon. I will let whoever is interested in testing my pattern know when its ready by posting here and on Ravelry.

Thats all for today, Have a Nice Evening and I will see ya tomorrow!

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And yes I much prefer Mr Pibb or Coke to Diet Dr Pepper 🙂 But at this time all we have is Diet Dr Pepper in the fridge, yep, thats right I said the Fridge. So how do you ask is the soda frozen…well, the fridge likes to act like a freezer just ask the contailer of Iced Tea which is sitting half frozen in the fridge right now. We need a new one but that like everythinbg else around here will come with time. Speaking of time I guess I better spend my time today posting pictures of my 11 and 3 yr old girls Sandy aka”Sannybug” and Charlie aka”the kitten”

 Oh by the way if you remember correctly I also said the boys will be making appearances occassionally 🙂 This picture is of Sandy (upright) Charlie (Tuxedo) and Bligh (sleeping) notice also that Bligh and Charlie are lying next to each other which is a very rare occurance indeed as they are usually fighting when that close 🙂

 Now this is a common occurance, Bug and Charlie sleeping next to each other!  Here is a fairly good picture of Bug by herself loafing 🙂 which is her usual mode of operations, if she isnt loafing shes got a “Sinking Feeling”…

 One of her favorite spots to lay. Now to show some pictures of Charlie…  and she is sleeping in her favorite spot on the couch 🙂  And here is Charlie imitating Bug behind the Laptop.  As you can see Charlie likes to get into some strange places HEHEHE!!

Of course I better show a picture of KooKoo since I have one of Bligh today.  Hes cuddled up with who else but his Bug.

Thats all for todays post, tomorrow I will have atleast 1 FO to post and hopefully some progress on the Blended Frog Scallopini socks.

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Ok so its ONLY 82 degrees today but its also humid as all get out, yes…even with the wind blowing hard enough to create a wind advisory. I finally caved a little bit ago and closed up the house and turned on the A/C, The house is starting to cool down so maybe…just maybe…I’ll be able to knit a sock and not start swimming in my own sweat! The house, as old as it is, doesnt have any insulation so once it heats up for the summer it stays HOT in here. Alot of times the ambient temp in the house is about 10 degrees warmer than outside so its easy to see why we have cats laying flat out on the concrete in the bathroom and on the chest freezer etc…I’m also sure I heard the 11 yr old cranky lady asking for a bath the otherday too 🙂 Never fear all 4 of them are gonna get a bath if I have to do it all by my self…I’m scared tho they have all them sharp pointy things and fangs! It ought to be interesting esp if I can get someone to take pics of them in and out of the water HEHEHEHE.

On to pics…I dont have any of the socks in progress yet and the test knit isnt far enough along to get a good pic. I can tell ya that the Patons Stretch Sock seems to be the same as Knit Picks Risata in feel and Knitability of the fibers. It has the great stretch of Risata and workability also. The colors are pretty good too! Check out the Knit-n-Stitch for the color selections that will be available soon (its available just out of stock due to all the pre orders) Also as soon as they become available I will have Lion Brand and Red Heart sock yarn there and I may have a surprise sock yarn  later in the year. I also have a working relationship with Lornas Laces and while I dont have the Yarn up yet (is coming have no fear) I can get it for special orders so just contact me via the e-mail on my site and I will be more than happy to see what I can get for ya.

I dont know if I have mentioned this before or not, but we have been trying to gain custody of my son from the EX who as our Lawyer(mine and Brian’s) says pulled a sneaky and used the law to his advantage whether it shoulda happened or not. We have him on several contempt charges just lack the money to file tho as soon as we can we will be cuz we can also use those charges to help with our custody suit when it starts.  Right now we dont really have a substancial case just alot of aggrivating issues, the EX is stopping just shy of actually giving us a reason to take him to court right then. I know there are lawyers who would take the case charge us an arm and a leg and then not be able to win custody becuase there isnt anything that is cause enough to change custody. So we are gonna stay with the lawyer we have and keep building the case against him and let him hang himself 🙂 Josey isnt happy about it but there isnt much we can do now except hope he crosses the line and the swoop in and have Josey here on a permanent full time basis. The only worry there is that he will do something stupid and Josey will end up hurt in some way so we are hoping and praying that the course he chooses is harmless and just stupid.

In other news….Have you seen the yarn that Ray has up  this time? He did a couple of single color fades that are beautiful!! The Blue #5 fade has already been taken as has the yellow #7 one (the yellow one is mine!) but the rest of them are really pretty too. My mom ordered the yellow one for me, but I have to make her a pair of socks out of it so we spent some time this am Looking through the sock patterns on Ravelry and she chose the pattern she wants and I saved it to my computer. Its a lacy Leaf pattern that will be really pretty in the yellow 🙂 I like this even if I have to make the item for my mom, I still get the joy of knitting the object for her and the joy of having a finished object to show off too 🙂 I guess that makes me a Process/Product knitter instead of just one or the other HEHE.

Thats all for now, I’m gonna buzz my cousin and let her know that I’m back online and available to chat for a bit and start back to work on Joseys second sock so I can get it done before the weekend gets here…hopefully 🙂  Will see y’all tomorrow and onward to knitting I go.

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