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Another Boring Blog Post

Just like yesterday there is nothing going on here today. The cats arent even being their normal crazy selves just sleeping away, though they do Purrrrrr any time I happen to pet them. My mom and Brian are busy and not online to chat with right now, I dont feel like working on the Knit-n-Stitch right now(I did tho earlier and got several add to cart buttons along with other html stuff).

What do you guys like listening to on TV during the day, if you are home that is? Me, I usually put the TV on Food Network for the noise and then go about my business, it also helps keep Sannybug from goin a “Tad” nuts (she climbs the walls an tears stuff up if there isnt noise in the house even at night) even 3 other cats hasnt settled her down. I’m not sure why she does that but she does othervwise shes a good kitty  and we have learned to live with her neurosis 🙂

I guess since I’m essentially “alone” I should get some knitting done and take some pics so you can see that I have made progress on the projects that I have set out as “must get dones” 🙂  I did make some progress on Uncle Atchies sock last nite and am halfway through the Fair Isle portion of the leg am planning on finishing that part up today and I hope to at least get to the heel. The BBS arent coming along as quickly as I would like tho I am up to 6 inches on the cuff now which is nowhere near having them done, YIKES! As for the rest of the socks…The Art School Jaywalkers are passed the cuff by about 2 pattern repeats, the Sannybug Jaywalkers are a good 2 inches into the leg portion and Jacobs sock is about 10 rows into the leg. I will be getting update pics of these for posting Monday.

Tomorrow Nite my Son has his school performance of The Wizard of Oz in which he plays the Scarecrow, I cant wait! I wont be taking my knitting since it will be dark in the theatre and in the car it will be dark and crowded but thats ok. I tend to take my knitting just about everywhere and it may end up in my bag anyways (prob Jacobs since its just plain round and round Stockinette) just in case… As I said in a post last week I will try to have pics of it or atleast him if possible due to my camera not likeing to take pics in the dark even with the flash on to post Monday along with WIP updated pics.

The cats are still asleep so while I have a bit of quiet I’m gonna get sone work done on the Socks.

Have A Nice Day and I will see ya’ll tomorrow!


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Nothing interesting going on today…

No Update pics yet, I havent taken them 😦 I did however make some progress on the Art School Jaywalkers as in 2 repeats done (ok only 4 rows on the leg but…) I’ve been working on website most of the day today and have gotten a fair amount done, well got a fair amount done between 9 and 12 today. I plan on getting back to work on it as soon as I get done here and hope to finish up a couple more yarn lines today. I have gotten another inch done on the BBS and am ready to start the colorwork on my Uncle’s sock but just like the Monkey socks I finished last week the Jaywalkers keep distracting me. I gotta quit casting on new projects while working on unfinished ones…Oh and I need to update Ravelry projects page with the Sannybug Jaywalker too. I’m Hopeless, guess I’ll go back to work now and see if I can keep from getting distracted for a few hours. Either that or bug my Mom so much that she cant finish her WIP. I planned to get pics last weekend of her WIP (s) not sure if there is more than one or not and her yarns (she actually has less than me…tho she could open a fabric store with the material she has) She has also asked for me to ball up her her yarn on the ballwinder so am gonna do that too as well as getting the pics for her. I’m gonna edit them and then e-mail em to her so she can save them to her comp and then post em to Ravelry. She got her invite last week  and is officially a Raveler now, if you see muffybunny running around loose corral her and take a moment to say HI! Tell her sannybugknits told ya to 🙂

Sheri at the Loopy Ewe did her weekly sneak up yesterday and brought in some new Sock and Lace weight yarn and my oh my are some of them nice!! I am finding it very hard to be good especially since with my next order I’ll be a Loopy Groupie! I keep goin over there putting stuff in my cart and then talking myself out of it…I am trying to wait for the next Sneak Up that way the order that should be here tomorrow will be completed before I make another one. There is definitally 1 ysrn that will come home with me and possibly a couple of others if they are still there (leave my Paca Peds alone ya hear me…)

Well back to work on the website for a couple more hours, hopefully I’ll finish with Lion Brand today.

Have a Nice Day and I’ll see ya tomorrow! 🙂

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Charlie in Basket“Come on Charlie”…yes yoou read right, I called her a Kitten 🙂 We call Charlie the Kitten because even tho she is 3 yrs old and full grown shes half the size of SandyAll 4 of them, Sandy is the large Torti on the right. How bout the boys, well except for weight, at 5.5 months they are the same size as Charlie!!! With Brian at the Funeral Home the daily care and beating oops I mean feeding and petting of the spoiled rotten brats oops my 4 precious babies falls to me. Actually I do most of the Spoiled Brat care around here, he just likes to think otherwise, LOL!! Seriously tho they do know when  Daddy is gonna be gone for a day or 2 and are determined to drive Mama up the wall by being extra attention seeking, extra hungry, and extra lovey usually to the point that I’m threatening to send their sweet little furry behinds to the Funeral Home with him 🙂 Charlie is a Daddy’s girl and she is the best at driving me nuts esp when she wants fed (which she thinks needs to be done all the time).

I started another pair of Jaywalkers last weekend out of the Sannybug yarnSannybug Jaywalker 1 Side 1, am gonna show it in 4 picssannybug-jaywalker-2.jpgside 2, due to the way the colors are flowingsannybug-jaywalker-3.jpgside 3, and at last, side 4sannybug-jaywalker-4.jpg. I love the way it’s coming out just like her coloring. This is the best pic I could find of her coloring.multiple-saved-pics-3-006.jpg See the white bordered by orange and the tabby/tortie color along her back? Thats where the coloring for this yarn came from, unfortunately I dont have the exact pic on my comp anymore that Ray used to create Sannybug. Her coloring is Tortishell and White, but we call her a CaliTab for Calico Tabby. Back to the sock, I started the new Jaywalker to learn the pattern on a single sock before I work on them 2 at a time on 2 circs just to be sure I dont mess it up or something. Thats all the Sock Pics for today, I’ll be taking more of the inprogress pics and posting them later this week. Back to knitting for me, tomorrow I have to work on business finances and I spent the morning on my website so I guess I have earned it for today anyways.

Have a nice day all!

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Spoiling my poor sick Hubby! Yep Brian is still sick so I am both Housekeeping and Nurse today 🙂 Unlike yesterday tho…I havent spiked his coffee, and the Toddy wasnt as strong. He says hes feeling better today, so hopefully hes on the upswingand will be over the Crud here pretty soon and we are crossing our fingers that I dont come down with it! He is working on the Knit-n-Stitch today putting the yarns in while I get the house cleaned  and Laundry done. Nis Mom has gone to the store and is picking a few things up for us and I forgot again to get a whole Chicken to make soup with…dog gone it! Oh well, Pizza is just as good and we are gonna have a Spinach, Mushroom, Garlic Pizza for supper tonite…gotta get them veggies 🙂

I made progress last nite on the Sannybug Jaywalkers and am loving the pattern and how the yarn is Knitting up. The way it is knitting up picks up how her colors actually look big swatches of white with the rest of her colors all blended in to gether. The way it was knitting up before in Stockinette was nice too and I liked the the way the colors were spiraling around each other. I like having several pairs of socks goin at once, that way if I get bored with one or its getting tedious I can switch to a more colorful, easier, or interestingly patterned sock to alleviate the boredom!  I dont get them knit quickly that way but I think they get done quicker than if I worked on only one sock at a time.

The Loopy Ewe is having a Dream in Color Classy Sweater KAL! Sheri announced it on Ravelry last week in the Loopy Groupies group (if you havent signed up yet do so, its alot of fun to use and theres a wealth of info there!) The only rules for this are, you have to e-mail Sheri to sign up, the sweater pattern doesnt matter but it does have to knit out of DiC Classy, and it has to be done and Posted to the Loopy Ewe Photo pages (specific page to come soon) by June 1, 2008. Each sweater being done has its own thread within the group. Why am I telling ya’ll this… Thats cuz it sounds like a lot of fun and I have considered joining, and I know theres several people out there who may or maynot read my blog who are on, or would like to be on, Ravelry and Love the Loopy Ewe. I do have a sweater pattern or 2 that I would love to do but for now my hands are all tied up knitting sockies 🙂 I am however gonna get some DiC Smooshy in 2 or 3 colors for socks and some of the Paca Peds, am gonna do this in 2 orders so I can get my Loopy Groupie Status!!! I cant wait, only 2 more orders to go!

I dont have any pictures to post, yet, took the camera with me this weekend and didnt get any pics silly me. I will however be taking pics of the Sannybug Jaywalkers sometime today. I will also be working on Uncle Atchies sock, the BBS (prob do those during Enterprise tonight) and Grame’s ArtSchool Jaywalkers if everything goes as planned, LOL! I gotta get back to the Kitchen so I can get the dishes into the d/w and it running then I will be able to sit around and Knit/Ravel/and Read Blogs to my hearts content.

Have a nice day all, I’ll see ya tomorrow!!!

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As yu know we were at my folk’s yesterday to cut wood. Well….that kinda went down the tubes really quick when the intended tree refused to drop 🙂 We had to leave the area and we bought them a rick of wood. My dad said he would check to see if the tree was down this afternoon, hopefully it will be and we can cut it next weekend.

Brian has been sick this weekend too, so he is taking a sick day today, we were sposed to go to my sister’s for supper but alas. Oh well, cant really go and risk  making the girls sick. They both have respiratory problems and this respiratory crud is nasty! So here we are, I’m taking care of my poor sick baby and hes alternating between playing on the comp and trying to sleep.  The kitties have all been cuddling daddy and helping him stay warm. I fixed him a strong Hot Toddy and some Ramen Noodles and hes drinking fluids so hopefully he will start feeeling better soon. Thats it for today, I need to get back to work on socks, the never ending pile of em, LOL. See Y’all tomorrow and Have a nice weekend, whats left of it!

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WOW!!! I cant believe It!!!

I have had my highest day ever on hits to the blog yesterday of 91!!!!! When I signed in and saw that ask Brian I almost Passed clean out from the excitement! WOW!!! 

On to the day…I’ve been busy the last couple of days, Brian and I spent part of the day yesterday working on the Knit-n-Stitch site and I also spent time working on my multiple socks! Unlce Atchie’s sock is to the stockinette portion of the leg now so I decide to put it down for a day or 2 to work on Soldier Socks and my Mom’s Jaywalkers. Today We spent about 4 hrs working on the website until the server went down and we had to quit for the time being. We are gonna go back to work here in a bit provided there isnt a problem still 🙂

The Kitties are really excited that Mama’s blog is starting to do good, so excited in fact the wore themselves out celebrating and are sound asleep LOL! As if, they didnt even bat a whisker when  I started Hollering 🙂 Cats ya cant live with em or with out em. I may have to think of a contest now… seeins how I now have 91 plus hits in  1 day, maybe I ought to offer something for the 50th person to comment…hmmmmmm…thats something to think about.

Well I gotta get back to work, I think the server has still got a problem so working may be short lived. We wont be here this weekend but I will be back Monday as usual. Have a Nice Weekend and Thank you everybody for such a nice surprise!!

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An Update in Pictures

Jacob’s Sock #2 This actually a picture of Jacob’s 1st Sock the second one is at this point now and is in the Finish it up in the next month que, *crosses fingers for all of the listed socks to be finished*

Grame’s Jaywalkers Startitis that hits when a pair of Socks are finished can lead to new ones being Started inspite of how many UFS'(unfinished socks LOL) are still on the needles. Vital Statistics: Jaywalker pattern by  Grumperina in Knitivity Down Home Art Yarn Sock Art School colorway. Using smallest size and am making them for my Mom. They are being done 2 at a time on size 1 circs.

UA Sockie Uncle Atchie’s Boot Socks, Eesti Trail Hiking Socks from Favorite Socks. I got through the striping yesterday and will be working on the next section before the Fair Isle portion either tomorrow or Friday. 

BBSBBS These are Highest on my Priority list as I am trying to get them done and shipped to Sarge by the first week in March. I have 4 inches done on the legs of both and it is starting to get faster as I go, hopefully the next 9 inches will go just as fast!

In the weather for this week…We are under a Winter STorm watch again and are supposed to be getting up to 2 inches of snow ON TOP of 1/2 +/-inch of Ice. This system is sposed to be here this eve starting with sleet/freezing rain that is supposed to stay through tomorrow nite, then transition to snow in the eve through Fri, UGH! Josey has his performance Fri eve at 7 in Webb City I sure hope if the weather is bad they will postpone it. We live appx 55 miles from there and the roads between here and there can be rather sketchy at times depending on the State and County Maintainers. Will have to go up in my Mom’s little car as he will be coming back with us and there is no room in the pickup for 3 adults and 1 teen as my Mom will also be coming with us and possibly my Dad. If we are ble to go to this I’ll attempt to get some decent pics tho my camera doesnt always cooperate with this type of plan, I can however (hopefully) get a pic of him in his costume after the performance and that will definitally be posted!! Maybe even one of him and my Mom and /or me 🙂

It’s noon now and I have to get back to work on my website, I am currently adding yarns to the yarn pages and hope to get the rest of Jaggerspun and get started on Patons today.

Have a Nice Day all and I will see ya tomorrow 🙂 

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