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I Told Ya I’d Be Back

Howdy Howdy!

Yes I got the stuff done on the Knit-n-Stitch, however it isnt quite ready to browse, gotta wait on OLM to get it up and online. Its built and Published on my side so am waiting word from them stating that it is ready for viewing! I will Announce it here and on Ravelry when it is Oddicially Open and ready to go.

Now on to what else is goin on today…

My flowers are really blooming and Budding 🙂

First a 2 toned orange and yellow Single Daffodil 2 tone Daffodil

and for a Double Yellow Daffodil Double Daffodil How bout an Iris or 2 Iris Bud  Our Irises are the first in Rocky to bloom every year. This one should be purple and is one of the ones I transplanted last year.

How bout some Hyacinths…Purple HyacinthWhite HyacinthPink Hyacinth and thats about it for flowers for this time around.

Knitting Progress has been made on the BBS one is still at 12in and the other has grown to 8inSandy and Soldier Socks Sanny wanted to help with the pics 🙂 I havent got a pic of the Nutkins yet, will do that after a bit more progress is made. The Art School Jaywalkers hit the frogpond last weekend and the yarn is waiting for another pattern to strike my fancy. The color changes are short so am thinking another pair of basic stockinette is in order, or Monkeys. Jaywalkers are still a possibility too.

Thats all I have for today, will see ya’ll tomorrow…Have A Nice Day!


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Knit-n-Stitch Update

Sorry to be away for so long! Been working feverishly trying to get the Knit-n-Stitch up and running. It woulda been up yesterday or Tuesday eve but stupid me deleted and entire yarn line accidentally. I was trying to delete a text block and ended up removing everything from the page 🙂 I figgered I better tell ya where I’ve been before I loose what few readers I do have for not updating very often! I am currently adding the last of my Bernat Yarns and plan on Publishing this evening! WOO HOO!!! So Look Out cuz I’m just about back in the Yarn Store Business!

I’ll be back after I get done with the Store.

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Well maybe 🙂

Actually today hasnt been to bad, I filed our Tax returns and took care of fees associated with it. I have the laundry started and plan on knitting here in a bit. I am gonna get back to regularily scheduled webstore work tomorrow and *crosses fingers* get it finished!!!!!

In other news nothing much has gone on here, I got the first BBS to the heel flap and got about an inch done on the second one yesterday. My mom ordered and received 2 custom dyes from Ray at Knitivity based on a couple of APOD shots and we got them both balled up. I’ll be taking pics of the Cats Paw in the next couple of days when I get it out to swatch for a potential light wt cardi and of course sockies (go figure right…). As for the rest of my knits in waiting well….they will be done eventually esp since I have 2 sck knit alongs on Ravelry for April one of which I will be finishing a couple of WIPS… Jacobs Socks and the BBS and the other is a pair of Nutkins. There is one other but the pattern is in voting stage so will know more later on it.

I may have to contact windstream today too; for some reason I’ve been having trouble receiving my e-mail, the error I’m getting states that the connection to my server is being interrupted and its taking forever to download my e-mails. I dont think its a problem with Outlook but will call them to be sure, I hate to do that!!!

Its getting to be Spring here despite the freezing overnite temps!!!YAY!! My flowers are blooming and growing and I am ready to plant more! Pictures will resume for WIPs, including my garden, in the next few days so please bear with me as I try to get stuff taken care of here to make life a bit easier if I can 🙂

Have A Nice Day All!!

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Thank you so much my Anonymous Random Act of Wollmeise Kindness Friend (she wishes to remain anonymous) I received the Wilder Mon Wollmeise yesterday and have got the pics uploaded.

First the minus kitties picsIn the Shade outside in the shade and…Sunny dayin the sun, equally pretty and yes my friend it does smell as good as it looks!

The kitties approved of it as well tho the only one who allowed a picture was bligh

Smells good MMMMMM smells like…TastyMMMMMM tastes like… Hmmmm I know its a New Form of CatNip! Bligh followed the skein around until I put it up safely inside my Loopy Ewe tote bag which is almost filled to overflowing 🙂 And I plan on hitting KP and TLE here in the next day or so hehehehehehe. Better get a new bag I bet. I plan on stocking up on some KP Fixed Circs (love em!!) and maybe some good cheap yarn. Then will be headed to TLE for some Butter Peeps DiC Smooshy and Prob some GA Silky Sock Blossom or Sundance, maybe even some PacaPeds in the Harvest HT for Brian. Of course I still have to do my taxes which sucks!

Thats all for today. Brian and I worked on the old Iris bed and moved a bunch of them around including giving a bunch to his mom, sister, my mom (shes gonna split em with other members of my family) and to our neighbour Jose. And we still have a massive amount to transplant. As soon as we get em up and moved to temp homes then we’ll clean out the old bed and get some of them replanted. I gotta finda way to work in the garden that doesnt  make my hands stiffen up so bad. Oh Well I love to do it so will just put up with the stiffness and take an extra dose of Ultram if I need it to combat it.

Will be at my folk’s tomorrow and possibly Sunday so will see ya Monday maybe even with a BBS or other sock update piccs.

Have a Nice Weekend and A Happy Easter! 

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YAY!!! End of Winter has come!! Well at least I hope so anyways 🙂 My flowers are starting to Bloom and grow, theres a pregnant dog running around the neighborhood no doubtedly Shadows doing and The SUN IS SHINING for the first time in a Week!!!!

Ok stepping out of the sunshine… I’m gonna go bake some rolls to go with Chicken Fried Steak tonight and to hopefully put an end to Brian’s hinting LOL!

Am gonna play in the garden tomorrow, dig up some Iris Rhyzomes for my mom, grandma, MIL and SIL and start moving some plants around again since the ground should be dry enough to do so. See ya later, I’ll try to have more pics of the garden and of the Wollmeise surprise that came today!

Have a Nice Day All And Have A Happy Spring!

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Well, not all of them anyways. The Hyacinths both old and new are and boy are they pretty! So are my old and new Daffodils and the Irises are growing fast! Its to wet to do any garden work today seeins how today is the first day this week it didnt rain. The creeks and rivers are up around here but thankfully we didnt get was much as the rest of the state seems to have gotten. School was cancelled today due to flooding but since the rivers and creeks are receding I’m sure they will be back in session tomorrow.

Yesterday was a trip, I missed posting due to the unpredictable weather we had. It seemed everytime I’d get my comp up and running and get started with my work for the day it would start Thundering and Lightning and I’d have to shut back down. Needless to say I didnt get any Knit-n-Stitch work done nor was I able to post here.  Today I have been working on getting the prices added and add to cart buttons placed on my books pages. Hey Pup…give me a few more days and hopefully *crosses fingers* I’ll have it done and ready for ya to proofread for me! Thanks for being willing to help out! I’ll be sure to e-mail ya when its done with a link to it.

I have been busily knitting on my BBS and have gotten another 2 inches done and hope to get to the heel later this afternoon, so will be adding an updated pic to here and Ravelry in a few days. I have the Startitis itch again, but an standing strong to finish atleast the first one before I start something new and then again when I get to that point maybe I’ll finsh them both before starting a new project. I cant wait to start a pair of Soldier Socks in something other than black!

MIL was up here yesterday am due to her yard being flooded…again, she got to see the boys in their finest form, playing Cannon Ball Run! She got such a kick out of them esp when they got a taste of Catnip and then the “red dot” started playing and teasing them. She was laughing so hard a few times at their antics, esp KooKoo, I thought she’d be crying!  Today is a pretty much boring day just working on website, knitting, browsing Ravelry and TLE and trying to decide whether I want to order more yarn or wait till the next Sneak Up at TLE.  I’ve got my eye on some more DiC Smooshy Sock Yarn in both Butter Peeps and Midnight Derby, and I would really like to get some of the Punky Fucshia or a similiar color of the Classy  so I can make another Hoodie Cardigan for my other Niece.

Well, I guess I better get knitting so I can get another inch or so done before I have to start back into the Webstore.

Have a Nice Day and I cant wait till my Title gets to Read ” Oh Happy Day the Knit-n-Stitch is Open”!! hopefully sometime in the next week!

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But first some WIP updates and a couple of other pics.

First I wanna say hi to my Loving enabler… oops I mean my Mom…Hi Mommy I love you!!

Hi Grame!! It must be noted she hates having her picture taken and she thought I was taking WIP pics when I snapped this pic of her reading a pattern shes considering as a future Crocheting Project, HEHEHEHE 🙂 I did however get a few WIP pics also. But first as promised since this is National Crochet month and the victem uh…subject of my first pic  crochets.

Back and Left front of Grame’s Baby Cardi We have had several babies in my family this past year so my mom decided that crocheting some baby things would be a fun idea. She has already crocheted a pair of baby sockies (not pictured as they have already been gifted)  This is the Back and Left front of the Baby Cardi she is working on. Stats, Name I dont know as its a free pattern from Bernat and I forgot to ask. She is using Bernat Baby Softee in Pink Blue and Yellow varigated colors with Yellow for the ribbing. This one is planned for a Little girl and is sized for 3-6 mos. I know how to crochet bit dont as it is very hard for me to use the crochet hooks any more and I dont have any FO pics of Items I have crocheted. So any crocheted items on this blog will be curtesy (sp?) of my mom and possibly my sister.

Now to the Knitting content of the day. As you may know I am a member of Socks for Soldiers and have been trying to get my first pair of BBS done, but have been having difficulty with them. Well, I think I may have solved that problem this weekend! I finally was able to get ahold of instructions for Magic Loop and transfered my BBS to a circular needle each (24 in KP fixed Circs) and have made lots of progress on the first one of the 2. It went from…Pic 1 BBS about an inch of ribbing…to…BBS about 2.5 in of ribbing to…Seperated BBS one being 5 in and the other one 6.5 in pic and 8 in when put down last nite at about 10 or so. This was accomplised in about 8 hrs or so of knitting from Fri eve to Sun nite 🙂 The plan is to transfer the heel stitches to size 0 DPNs and use them for the heel and part of the gusset then transfer the whole sock back to ML. Once that is done I plan to work on the second one until its to the same place and then switch back and forth until they are both done!

The Sannybug Jaywalkers are coming along tooSannybug Jaywalker update they are about 2.5-3in from c/o to last pattern repeat. They move fast so once I can dedicate more time to them I’m pretty sure they will be done quickly! The Art School Jays and Jacob’s sock havent seen any work in a while so I may take his out for a bit today and get the heel turned as its to the point of creating a heel. Or I will work on the BBS I havent decided yet.

My lovely enabler mom also volunteered me to make Uncle Atchie a sweater to go with his socks I just finished. So my next task will be to decide on style (Raglan or Set in Sleeve) and chart out the Snowflake pattern to fit. I also have to figger out what size to make it as he has a long torso, guess I shoulda had my mom take her tape measure with her today and measure him. She knows what measurements to get but its to late now so will have to wait till the next time I chat with him to get part of the measurements 🙂 Pics will come of this once I get it started but that wont be for a while, LOL! Oh and I have received another sock order from him also…He wants more nice thick sockies, same length as the first pair, no hurry on them either and he would also like atleast one pair in Alpaca (he got to feel some Alpaca the other day at my mom’s). So, if anybody knows where I can get a good Alpaca/Wool blend in Sport wt that is washable (tho he will hand wash if necessary) please let me know. He wants em thick but I’ll be willing to bet that a worsted Alpaca/Wool blend would be far to warm for even his chronically cold feeties.

Well since it is Monday I guess I better get cracking on the housework esp since I’ve been sitting on my butt all morning and its about 10 till noon now. Will see everybody tomorrow 🙂

Have A Nice Day!!

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