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Boy does it poor!!!!

Yesterday eve we got a death call, and I bet you can guess where this is headed… Yep, 2 more in the last 3 hrs GRRRRR. Yes its a good thing but; Brian is trying to job hunt and cant when there are funerals pending. 2 of them are cremations so that helps but the third one is a full Funeral so that kinda screws up the entire weekend ARGHHHHHHHH!

Am gonna go back to my regularily scheduled Ravelry browsing will finish this post later.

And I never made it back, oops :-0 Sorry bout that

Well the above mentioned funeral is on Tuesday so job hunting is out till atleast Wednesday depending on how tired he is.

I’ve gotten about halfway down the flap of the DSS Soldier Sock I’ve been working on as well as swatching a possible contender for the orange socks for SKASEP08 Challenge. It seems like it will be 75% Orange and if the Moderators over there agree Its gonna become Spring Forward starting Monday 🙂 I will also be doing a Cookie A sock for September in Cherry Tree Hill Sugar Maple  which is only 33% Orange but is really pretty in its own right. I’ve been waiting  to use those 2 skeins for a while now and fully plan to in the next month. It is a good thing that each challenge is 2 mo long because along with working on my SKA Challenges I am also gonna be working on Christmas Presents 2 of which are sweaters YIKES 🙂 I have my work cut out for me, guess I better start knitting and not Raveling as much LOL!

See ya’ll either Mon or Tue and Have a Nice Holiday Weekend!


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Yeah, I guess you could call it a road trip as we will be driving to my Mom and Dads which is about 25 miles from here and out in the middle of no where 🙂 Yesterday Brian and I went to Cassville WM to get the stuff to make Enchiladas and a few other items we are needing to keep the house clean and such. Part of the reason for the trip was to get the CHicken to roast and have not only Beef but also Chicken Enchiladas, welll….we wont be having Chicken after all it got left out overnight, GRRRRRRRRR! That makes me a tad mad, not Pissed or anything but still it does upset me.

Sleeping last night despite being exhausted was a trip and not a good one. Some idiot decide to call the Funeral Home number about once every one to 2 hrs, so Brian and I werent able to sleep straight through. Add to that the 11 yr old cat, who will start “Buggin” (pawing at stuff and makin lots of noise) whenever the FH phone rings at night, or whenever she thinks she needs fed or attention and I was up and down almost as much last nite as Brian. Its bad enough we get stupid calls like that during the day, or the sales calls, or the computerized call when you say hello. But come on folks dont call at night unless its in response to an actual Death!

On the Knitting front, I have almost finished the second sock gusset on the BBS and have received my order from Knit Picks for the new circular needles I ordered and the Grass Colored Risata yarn, so now I have enough yarn to make 2 pair of JGS (Jolly Green Socks) and dont have to ask Kim to send me more yarn when I send the BBS to her hopefully sometime imn the next week! AM gonna send the unused yarn back to her also because I feel so bad for being so slow that I dont feel right using it when someone who is faster than me would be able to turn them into socks much faster than I can even think about doing. I will send her a personal note explaining this and am gonna contibute some money to the cause too. I also have the yarn for a second pair of BBS that I purchased but it may be repurposed to make dress socks for Brian as his are just about shot!

The second Nutkin is also growing right along since I am making them shorties/anklet length. I do 3 repeats of the pattern on the cuff and 6 for the foot which seems to fit me perfectly. This pattern seems to bias pretty badly do to the round about nature of the pattern. A few people in the KAL Group doin this sock have modified the pattern by adding 2 Purl stitches and mirroring the pattern repeat on each side of the sock. The mods look really good and the lady who wrote up the chart for it says they fit really well, so I think when I make the pair for my niece I’ll use the modified version for her.

Thats all froo today, am gonna take my camera, with fresh batteries, to my moms and get some pics of her Baby Cardi and of any pretty flowers/trees I happen to run across. We are goin to Knit Wicks today to browse and maybe even buy and to visit with the ladies there.

See ya either tomorrow or Monday!

Have A Nice Weekend!     

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Well, Friday wasnt to bad as far as busy goes but I did spend time working on my BBS and buggin Josey when he got here. Not to mention the fact that Brian had to go to Tulsa Airport that am to pick up the Body from Reno NV . I was up late Thurs nite to make sure he left ontime to get there when they told him too. They told him to be there by 4:30 AM for the pick up, nwell guess what…IT DIDNT OPEN TILL 6:00! GRRRRRR. They got back in at about 10 and then had to get to work because the family was coming in the afternoon for their private viewing which meant he had to dress, put makeup on, and casket the man and have him in the front of the Chapel. I know that doesnt explain me being busy, except to say I did answer the phones for him if he didnt get them first 🙂


Well, hmmmmmmmmmm. I cleaned house and entertained an easily bored 14 yr old does that count? Brian Had the Funeral and Visitation for the Reno NV guy so I answered phones and stuff like that for him. Also worked on BBS, did some house work and went to the store with my mom to get stuff for Brian’s Birthday supper.  This weekend we also had a Heavy Freeze Warning so I had to protect my flowers. We only lost 2 Irises!!! And there are 2 others that are questionable. Will watch em for a couple more days and hopefully that is all we lose 🙂

Saturday Night/Sunday AM

Well I guess it’s Sunday really. At about 2 am I got a phone call from Brian, there was a flood in the Funeral Home. So Josey, his Mom, and I were rousted out of bed to gather towels, mops, and any other item we deemed useful to soak up the water, which was standing atleast 2 in deep in the computerroom/little office. I used the little Steam cleaner as a water vacuum and Brian went and bought a Lg Shop Vac and by 9 am we had managed to get the majority of the water sucked/soaked up. My Dad also came up in the AM and used the septic snake to clear whatever was blocking the lines and finally we got the drains working again. Talk about an exhausting day/night. We came home and by 10:30 or so I laid down and slept until 3 and Josey till about 4. He decided to cook candy first and when that didnt work the way he thought it should he gave up and layed down. Now I have a sugar mess to finish cleaning up.


Nothing to report just laziness. Brian did the last Funeral and then had a drink with his buddy Jason and came home. We celebrated his Birthday by grilling T-Bones and Corn on the Cob. Plus there was Salad and Rhubarb Pie. Then we watched Star Trek Enterprise and went to bed. I got the heel flap on the second BBS done and started the turn, had to frog back (he heel turn) when I discovered I had got it offcentered,GRRRRR!

This is all my nonblogging weekend from Fri to Mon held. Thats my story and I’m Sticking to it 🙂

See y’all tomorrow hopefully with some flower and WIP Pics!


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Best Laid Plans…

How life, or death can interfere 🙂 I may or may not have told ya’ll my Husband, Brian, is  Funeral Director, he has been working for his Mom in the Family Owned Funeral Home his Dad opened in ’86. When David passed away 2 yrs ago the Funeral Home passed to his Mom and Brian continued running it as was his Dad’s wish.  In the last yr the business began goin down hill, and by the end of the yr we had only done 12 or so funerals which is WAY below normal for us. Our direct competition got most of the Business this past yr and have pretty much run us out of business. Anyways, his mom has been nagging him constantly for the last 6 mos or so to get the thing sold some how and Brian has been doin his best but thats not been good enough for her. It came to a head last week and he told his mom he quit and she could deal with the FH herself.  Today she got a Death Call and guess who she decided to call, yep Brian, laid out the best guilt trip on him she could and managed to convince him to take this Funeral. Said he left her high and dry with no computer or anything to do the job with. The computer is true, as to leaving her High and Dry, he warned her that if she didnt leave him alone he was gonna leave it to her and have nothing else to do with it. As for the computer it wouldnt matter whether she had it to work with anyway because she refused to learn the software he used. So Brian is gonna to do this funeral and I hope she leaves him alone to do the job. Enough of that, on to funner (yes its a word, LOL) plans for the day!

I was gonna put thim to work today helpin me clean the house, and maybe even get started cleaning out the upstairs so we can get the bed and stuff put up there and was gonna see about running the carpet steamer today or tomorrow too while hes home and unemployed, but as I said “The best laid plans…” So now I will be cleaning on my own and hopefully I can get a lot done in the next few days while hes out from under foot 🙂

On the Knitting front…I Finally Finished the first of my Uncle’s boot socks and got the second one cast on!!!!!! And I have the first 2 Lace repeats done on the second Monkey Sock for my sister!!! The first one will need a bit of surgery, even tho I adjusted the measurements she gave me the heel still ended up being to long and even tho she says it will be fine I cant live with it. Its Fleece Artist SeaWool, am gonna run a lifeline through 2 places  and then wash the sock if it shrinks up enough I may be able to avoid the surgery, if not the lifelines will be there and I will be able to do the surgery. I hate the idea of washing the sock b4 surgery however if I change the heel flap length and then it shrinks in the wash  it may end up to short for my sisters big feet. I think I will do that now, I have 2 loads of wash to be run so can do it today and get it done if need be.

Will post pics of the results as soon as I find out what the results are, both before and after shots! See ya later today and wish me luck!

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