Winding, Winding, Winding

This post was originally written on the 13th of Aug and saved instead of published LOL 🙂


I finally got my sock yarns wound and ready to go, now all I need to do is finish up some WIPS and I am free to knit whatever I would like to 🙂 First thing tho I have to start my grandmas Cables and Lace Cardigan so it will be the very first thing I cast on once Ravelympics is over. I also have a skein of HandMaiden Casbah sock yarn in Loopified (TLE Second Anniversary Kit) that will be made into luxurious (has cashmere in it yummm) socks also for my grandma. She requested the Cardi, chose the pattern, and yarn color and knows she will be getting it sometime after or around Thanksgiving but the socks will be  total surprise for her 🙂

So far my quest to make all sorts of socks for SOS/Christmas presents isnt panning out like I had planned but there is still plenty of time I will just have to be a bit more dilligent in getting them cast on and finished quickly LOL.  Then of course theres the sweater I need to make for Uncle Atchie and the Stole for Tasha. Hers doesnt have to be done till next April in time for her Senior Prom but his will need to be started soon as well so he can wear it this winter. 2 sweater type objects in time for winter….might be a bit interesting around here pretty soon 🙂

You would think by now I would know not to leave yarn on a swift unattended for even a second…

 I turned around to get a drink and this is what I found when I looked back. He had taken the yarn off the ballwinder and was playing with it, guess he likes the smell 🙂 I expected smething like this from Charlie, but Bligh usually doesnt mess with yarn except of course when its bein wound. What a SIlly Boy he is 🙂

Well I guess its time I started working on my WIP’s again… I sure hope I get the Soldier Socks done pretty soon, about 3in to go on number 1 then can do the heel and gusset then can do the other one to the same point and switch back to the larger needles and all stockinette…NO MORE RIBBING on that pair!! How are you doing on your Ravelympics 2008 Knitting/Crocheting? Let me know I love to hear about other peoples projects!


Yep…I’m back

I was excused from the Jury due to my disability and the fact that the trial was a Civil one that was expected to last from Tue through at the least Friday and possibly into next week. We cant afford to take me to and from Pineville that many days nor can Brian afford to be away from the phone while job hunting that long. He has been calling and checking up on his applications and applying online for days now, he has received one call back so far and it led into nothing due to a bad check charge that his EX-Wife caused (hence part of the reason shes an ex). He has 2 places he is particularly looking at and several other options in the wings. If none of those pan out and since the truck is paid off he will take any job (pretty much anyways) that presents itself and go from there. Hopefully it wont come to that 🙂

I got another inch done on my  Soldier Sock yesterday while waiting to be called into the Court room as well as 4 rows so far on Mama’s Cardi, sorry no pics yet as it isnt far enough along to show the pattern. I understand now why everybody loves Dream in Color yarns…the Classy is yummmy soft and squishy and I’ve heard the Smooshy is even more so. I am definitely looking forward to working further on the cardi and starting some socks in the Smooshy ASAP!

Thats all for now, back to stalking TKE for Wollmeise and Ravelry browsing…oh yeah and knitting of course 🙂

Brian found this new free game site called Travian and once he got set up had me babysit his game off and on and then decided it would be fun for me to join him in the game… SO Now I have a Non-Knitting, non-Knit-n-Stitch, non-Ravelry computer thingy to play with, SHEESH… 🙂 This game from the way he plays is definitely a time suck of epic proportions!

 And We have an FO!! I finished weaving in the ends yesterday, got them washed, blocked and into a baggie to save for Christmas Gift Giving! They are really comfy but are on the small side for me so will gift them to a smaller footed person. I started the gauge swatch for Uncle Atchie’s Sweater, am using the Lion Brand Wool Ease form his boot socks last yr and the Brick Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman. The pattern seems to be intuitive but obly time will tell LOL! I may however have to go up a needle size or 2 for gauge esp since the yarn I’m using is worsted and the pattern calls for DK, pic of swatch to come when its far enough along for one. I am also, as soon as I get done here (and with the dishes too…YUCK) gonna cast on for Mama’s Cardi hopefully since the stitch pattern is easy to do I will be far enough along to post pics of it Monday Tuesday.

Speaking of Monday…I will be away from the blog for that day and hopefully only that day (crosses fingers) for Jury Duty. Will take some knitting with me (I think I can find some bamboo needles somewhere around here) so I can keep busy and not be bored while waiting. Unlike my hubby I doubt very seriously I’ll have someone there to chat with that i know (he had my sister lucky devil).

Thats all for today, will be back Tuesday (or maybe Sunday if I have pics to post) So see ya’ll then!

 I am still knitting!! I currently have 5 of 9 foot repeats done and am working on number 6. When they are done I’ll use my handy dandy coat hanger sock blockers to block them on and then put them up for Christmas present number 1 YAAHOO!!  I have several other WIPS I need to finish as well, and they will get done as soon as possible but as soon as I kitchener the toe shut my Grandma’s Cardi will be OTN and worked on along with finishing my other WIPS. I cant wait to use the Dream in Color Classy, it is so soft and sproingy 🙂 I have found the Sweater pattern to use for my Uncle as well and hopefully I have enough of the Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted to make it, if not I guess it will be a trip to Hobby Lobby or Order it from myself LOL for me! I am gonna  do the Brick Pullover from Interweave Knits Summer 2008 for him and am relatively sure he will like it 🙂 

Life is about to interfere with some of my knitting, blogging, and Ravelry time. Brian is looking for a job in Arkansas so we will be moving sometime in the next month or so to my folk’s place as a temporary landing spot and then building a place out by them (will start clearing the area this winter when cutting wood for heat) as well as helping them to finish their house. I  am gonna try to get as many of my WIPS done before then except of course for the 2 sweaters and a pair or 2 of socks (instant gratification projects HEHE) so that moving my stash wont be to hard. The move wont affect the Knit-n-Stitch other than to temporarily slow down shipping times as we will be sure to have the phone and internet set up down there before we move. I just hope that Brian will find the job of his dreams sooner rather than later and wont have to take a filler job in the meantime. His mom isnt gonna be to happy with us moving but for Brian’s peace of mind it is necessary for us to get outa the Rocky/Wheaton area and get a fresh start where he can find a good, well paying job and get away from all the stressors here, other than me of course 🙂

I will try to document some of the move experiences when I can with and without pics it oughta be alot of fun!

I leave ya with a pic of Bug doin what she does best… What a sweet nuggly kitty she is 🙂

Yep we had a blind incident yesterday that involved KooKoo, Me, Brian, Josey and a pair of scissors. I tried to hold on to him while Brian and Josey got the scissors out so we could cut KooKoo’s foot outa the blind but since my hands have so little strength in them I wasnt able to hold him effectively and ended up with multiple bite wounds most of which are just tender to touch now except my right thumb where he really got ahold of me it is swollen and tender 🙂

Here are the pics of his foot and my thumb The bites are hard to see esp since taking a pic of your own hand is difficult but the punctures  are the dots across my thumb and inbetween the thumb and finger.  This picture is of KooKoo’s foot after he finally let me see it. Poor little guy was so scared, hurt, and mad that he hid from us for a few hrs. He was back to his normal running and jumping self this am with no favoring of the foot at all! Thank Goodness for small miracles! One side effect of yesterday Blind escape…he hasnt gotten into the window through the blinds today LOL 🙂

I started some work on the Knit-n-Stitch today, no changes to the site per see but I have adjusted the Shipping charges.  There has been some controversy on Ravelry about Shipping and Handling charges specifically the handling part as if the small store owners are ripping people off because we have to add the surcharges we get charged to prices some how, they are saying that we are charging them for “handling” their orders. That just isnt true in all cases. I wish there was a way to absorb the extra charges that are coming but for me anyway there isnt and I have to find a way to work it out. My reasoning for adjusting my Shipping prices isnt because of those accusations; I decided I needed to charge less because my competition does and I have to be able to make the Knit-n-Stitch work even if it means I take a loss on shipping. We are gonna be adding some Cross Stitch patterns in the next update (sometime this next week) and some new yarns including a SIlk Bamboo blend from Patons that is Super Yummmy soft and silky 🙂 Dont forget after the 1st of Sepember 2008 sock yarns and sock related items will be back to normal prices so stock up now while they are available and relatively cheap.

My WIPS Wrestling projects are coming along even with the KooKoo induced injury I am about halfway done with the second sock of Illusions Pair and am almost 50% done with my DSS Soldier Socks, pics to come in the next day or so depending on my camera’s behavior.

Thats all for today. See ya’ll tomorrow 🙂

Choco Chip Cookies

No Pics but plenty of YUMMMMMMS!!!

I finally gave in a made cookies for Brian and Josey today (they still havent gotten a cherry pie yet HEHE). I just used the Nestle Toll House recipe and substituted 1/4 c of Herseys Cocoa for 1/4c of flour so they cpuld have Choco Choc Chip Cookies 🙂 Which both of my guys will greatly appreciate!

I have put the DSS in time out and started the second Illusions Sock by Fiber Dreams just so I ould wrk on something that wasnt tan and K2P2 Ribbing YAY!!! Am starting the leg pattern now and it is so nice to do something different 🙂 Dont worry the DSS will make an appearance again, just not for a day or 3 so I can get the tan color outa my dreams.

Nothing new goin on so am gonna go and will see ya again Monday when hopefully I will have news as to Brian’s Job Hunting experiences and what all he managed to find.

 This is where my DSS (Desert Sand Socks for SFS) were at when Ravelympics started Friday 2in and 1in respectively. And here is where they are as of yesterday when I took the pic…Since I started these after June 21st they also qualify for Summer of Socks and for my Sock Knit Along group too as they are a UFO 🙂 WHy yes I am triple dipping but hey…its allowed!

I made some progress on Thelonious also before I put them up to work on the DSS. It is through the heel turn and I have started the gusset decreaes.  I have also done a few rounds on Brians’s sock but not enough to show any progress and I still need to cast on the second Illusion Sock (sorry Laura). This will be done before the Olympics is finished however. Speaking of Laura…she has a new pattern website check it out at Fiber Dreams. All of her finished patterns are up and ready for you to purchase and enjoy, of course you could just order them from the Knit-n-Stitch and I would really be happy HEHE 🙂

Charlie was in a rare mood yesterday…first she gave Bligh a bath instead of starting a fight with him, then she sat in my lap and purrred. Brian and I couldnt figure out just what was up with her, other than the yarn that was in my lap at the time. Other than that the kitties have been their usual lazy bum selves just lying around taking naps. Well…except when theres Nip involved that is,  This is the aftermath of Nip intoxication…Bligh is the one just laying there watching Bug and KooKoo playing Slappy Paw (Bug’s favorite game). Charlie is attacking the bed and not included in the Tabby Games 🙂

Will try to have some more updated pics either tomorrow or Thursday. Off to work on my Soldier Socks some more 🙂