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And Summer of Socks 08 has ended, bummer LOL!

Sep 1 2008 at 12:01AM was the offical kick off time for this years Sockdown challenges and looking at the Sep Sockdown thread on Ravelry ( main page you’ll have to sign in or request an invite) There were several members that waited up just long enough to catch the first Mystery sock clue and to cast on for their socks 🙂

September’s Challenges include: any Cookie A. Pattern in any color yarn (you should see the number of Monkeys being done), any sock pattern in Orange yarn (from a very light orange to terra cotta etc) and/or the Mystery Sock in Orange Yarn. Sounds easy enough….Yeah….who knew there would be so many variations of orange yarn 🙂 Debi (Fluffyknitterdeb on Ravelry) Susan (Justkeepknitting) and Baseballknitter (sorry dont remember her name) have been up to their eyeballs in orange yarn pic. You see there was a qualification on the orange yarn….the yarn has to be atleast 75% orange, LOL! Basically they want us to step outside our color comfort zone and they want anybody to be able to look at the socks produced and say “thats an orange sock”. Varigated yarns are allowed as long as they meet the 75% rule of thunb.

I have cast on for 2 of the challenges this month; Cookie A.’s Monkey (yes another pair) in CTH Sugar Maple (not 75%) and Spring Forward in Knitivity Uptowne Road (discontinued) California Spring (75% or more). I am loving both of the yarns, and am enjoying myself immensly with them. Heres some cast on pics…

 Monkey Ribbing 🙂

 And the start of Spring Forward, as you can see I got it started late last nite and ended up stopping after the curent row being worked was done after I caught myself knitting in my sleep again 🙂

Thats all for now, I’ll post pics of Mama’s Cardi and Uncle Atchie’s Sweater swatch either tomorrow or Thursday when I get them out to work on (have to take pics of them first…OOPS 🙂 Am gonna wait a day or 2 so I can catch up on my sleep (Brian having funerals to work and being gone doesnt do any good for me and sleep) and not wake myself up knitting in my sleep on one of the sweaters. 

See ya tomorrow and enjoy the SUnshine Kitty pic below:

 Isnt Charlie such a purrrty girl 🙂


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