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Bout time I return to the blog

We have finally almost finished moving in!!!

I’m not gonna create a long post today but suffice to say, this seemingly simple move has been exhausting and has taken alot longer time than I anticipated!

We have officially got a new Phone, E-mail and Snail-Mail address and I will update here accordingly as soon as I become a bit less forgetful and more rested LOL πŸ™‚

Brian is enjoying his new job and is considerably less stressed and less likely to lose his temper these days. The cats are all doing well and are enjoying THEIR new house. And so far there has been very few problems intergrating our house in to my mom and dad’s, only real trouble has been making room for our kitchen stuff in their kitchen but with a bit of work we have finally gotten almost everything in cabinets and wherever else it fits.

Finally… I will do my best to blog more frequently and get back to the purpose of this blog, updates on my kntting and of course my sweet little furbabies (and my mom’s if they will allow the pics to be taken LOL).


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Brian Got A Job!!!

Yep thats right, WOOOHOOO!! *said as I jump for Joy!*

The move is coming along we have finished the drywall on the second floor of my mom’s house and have started moving some stuff down there including my main stash other than the 2pr of socks I’m working on.

I would like to say Thank You to everybody who has ordered from Ray at Knitivity Yarns to help him recover from Hurricane Ike. If you have been keeping up with his blog you know he is able to get back online at the Library and that his brother Scott is taking care of printing off and sending the orders we are all sending him. Hopefully he will be able to start processing them soon and will be officially back in business.

The Knit-n-StitchΒ is also being moved (since its online that part will be easy) and I am in the process of getting a new e-mail, phone and snail mail contact info processed. We may or maynot have to go to temop contact info depending on how fast we can get our permanent stuff taken care of. However the plan is to keep it open unless there are problems then we will close temporarily and will post it here as well as on the home page to let everybody know. The redesign is coming along and as soon as we can get everything set back up it will be implemented πŸ™‚

I’d also like to thank everybody for the well wishes and good luck vibes sent our way while Brian was Job Hunting!! You guys are great! Sorry I havent posted more in recent weeks but moving has that effect and as soon as we get all that taken care of I promise to blog more frequently and have more knitting, kitties and flower pics πŸ™‚

See ya all in the next day or so!

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