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Bout time I return to the blog

We have finally almost finished moving in!!!

I’m not gonna create a long post today but suffice to say, this seemingly simple move has been exhausting and has taken alot longer time than I anticipated!

We have officially got a new Phone, E-mail and Snail-Mail address and I will update here accordingly as soon as I become a bit less forgetful and more rested LOL 🙂

Brian is enjoying his new job and is considerably less stressed and less likely to lose his temper these days. The cats are all doing well and are enjoying THEIR new house. And so far there has been very few problems intergrating our house in to my mom and dad’s, only real trouble has been making room for our kitchen stuff in their kitchen but with a bit of work we have finally gotten almost everything in cabinets and wherever else it fits.

Finally… I will do my best to blog more frequently and get back to the purpose of this blog, updates on my kntting and of course my sweet little furbabies (and my mom’s if they will allow the pics to be taken LOL).


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